1. General

1.1 This is the Privacy Policy for, a B.V. product. B.V. is responsible for processing your personal data. This Privacy Policy describes how this data processing takes place and the purposes for which this data is processed.
1.2 By using, you agree to the following conditions that apply to it. If you do not agree with this Privacy Policy, you are requested not to use

2. Processing of personal data

2.1 B.V. processes personal data about you when you use our services and/or because you have provided this data to us. Your personal data that B.V. processes includes: forename, affixes, surname, email address, telephone number, payment details, address, etc. B.V. also collects: geographic location data, log in data (IP address), cookie information, device information and data obtained from affiliates of B.V. that you use.
2.2 [ B.V. processes the personal data described in 2.1 if you have given permission for this or if there is an agreement between you and B.V. The personal data described in 2.1 is processed for the following purposes:
- Provision and improvement of services
- Subscription to the newsletter
- Purchasing a premium subscription
- Registration and/or logging in to
- Carrying out searches
- Downloading routes
- Planning your own routes
- Online purchases]
2.3 You can delete your account using our “delete account” option in our app & website. We will delete all your account information once you have pressed this button. Note that we will retain all the publicly available routes & images that were created on our platform, these will be decoupled from your account and annonimized.

3. Transfer to third parties

3.1 Only persons authorised by B.V. to secure and/or otherwise process personal data and/or carry out IT maintenance activities have access to your personal data.
3.2 [ B.V.] may employ a processor for the processing purposes summarised in this Privacy Policy, in that case, we will conclude an agreement that ensures the processor offers adequate guarantees in respect of technical and organisational security measures in terms of the processing to be carried out.]
3.3 B.V. supplies the anonymised geographical data of users to third parties to contribute to a better and safer cycling and walking network. Anonymised data is also provided to third parties for evaluation of the thematic, public and non-public routes displayed.
3.4 B.V. will not otherwise share your personal data with third parties unless it is necessary to provide our service, if we are have a statutory obligation to do so, or in the event of an emergency insofar as B.V. reasonably believes it is in your interest.

4. Cookies

4.1 B.V. uses [FUNCTIONAL/ANALYTICAL/TRACKING] cookies to ensure functions effectively. Cookies are small text files that a computer stores when you visit a website. The cookie remembers the information you enter on the website for subsequent visits so the content of the website can be tailored towards the user in question and it is not necessary for you to enter your personal data again.
4.2 Most browsers are set to accept cookies, but you can change your browser settings to reject all cookies or to notify you when a cookie is sent. It is however possible that some functions and services on the B.V. website and other websites will not function correctly if cookies are switched off in your browser.

5. Software tools and social media

5.1 B.V. utilizes a variety of software tools for different operational needs. This includes Facebook Analytics, Google Analytics, Apple Analytics, Fabric, Crashlytics, Sentry, Google Optimize, Hotjar, Appsee, Accountview, Mollie Payment&Lightspeed, Alexa, HelloBar, MailChimp, OpenAI, Zapier, and Stripe. These tools are employed for functions such as analytics, workflow automation, customer support, and secure payment processing. While OpenAI is used for natural language processing in helpdesk operations, Zapier aids in workflow automation, and Stripe handles secure payment transactions. Please be aware that these software tools may collect personal data. B.V. does not control the data processing practices of these third-party services. Users are encouraged to review the privacy policies of these tools, which are subject to change, to understand their data handling procedures.
5.2 There are also buttons on for sharing on social media such as Facebook, which belongs to Facebook Inc., Twitter, which belongs to Twitter Inc. and , which belongs to YouTube LLC (“social media”). These buttons work by means of pieces of code derived from the social media platform itself. Cookies are placed via these codes. B.V. has no control over this. You are advised to read the privacy policies (which can change regularly) of the social media platforms to see what they do with the personal data they collect via these cookies.
5.3 Software tools and social media platforms may share the information they collect with third parties if they have a statutory obligation to do so, or insofar as these third parties process the information on behalf of (one of) them. The processing of personal data and the processing of personal data in accordance with applicable privacy legislation by the software tools and the social media platforms is the responsibility of these parties. B.V. is not responsible for this and accepts no liability whatsoever in this regard.

6. Links to and cookies on third party websites

6.1 There are links to third party websites on The privacy policies of these third parties apply when you visit these websites. B.V. is not responsible for the way in which third parties might treat your data or for the cookies used on these third party websites.

7. Your rights in respect of the personal data collected

(i) You have the right to see your data. You may ask B.V. what data has been collected and how it is being used.
(ii) You have the right to have the data that B.V. has collected about you corrected, amended, or supplemented if it is incorrect or incomplete.
(iii) You have the right to ask who has/has had access to your data. You can ask B.V. what data has been collected and who has had access to it.
(iv) There are a number of legally determined scenarios in which you have the right have your data deleted.
(v) There are a number of legally determined scenarios in which you have the right to have less data processed by B.V.
(vi) There are a number of legally determined scenarios in which you are entitled to request your data from B.V. and have it transferred to third parties.
(vii) You are entitled to object to the processing of your personal data by B.V.
(viii) You are entitled to lodge a complaint to a supervisory body.
(ix) If you yourself have given permission for the processing of your personal data, you may withdraw this permission at any time. You can send a request to B.V.

8. Period of retention

8.1 B.V. does not store your personal data for longer than necessary to provide its service unless it has a statutory obligation to store your personal data for longer. As soon as B.V. no longer requires your data and there is no statutory or other obligation to store your data, your data will be removed from B.V.'s system [or your data will be processed in such a way that it is no longer attributable to you.]

9. Security

9.1 B.V. has implemented appropriate technical and organisational measures to protect your personal data against loss or unauthorised processing, including (i) storage of that data in a secure database with encrypted passwords and secure back-ups, (ii) access to personal data in a personal account by means of a unique username and password, as well as (iii) payment(authorisation)s to B.V. via an encryption protocol (SSL or TLS or similar)]. Despite B.V. taking and having taken all possible security measures, there are risks associated with processing your personal data via the Internet, which are inherent to use of the internet in social traffic.

10. Amendments

10.1 B.V. reserves the right to amend this Privacy Policy. You are therefore advised to check this Privacy Privacy policy regularly on Continued use of following amendment(s) signifies your agreement with the amended Privacy Policy.

11. Contact

11.1 If you have any questions, suggestions, or complaints about this Privacy Policy or other aspects of our service, please contact our Data Protection Officer via


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