General terms and conditions for consumers and users of the website, webshop and apps

Thank you very much for using our products and services. The services on are provided by B.V. located in Eindhoven, Bogert 31-07, The Netherlands.

By using our products and services, you explicitly agree to these terms and conditions. It is advisable to read the terms and conditions carefully.

You can use the services offered on all iterations of B.V. and its affiliate Falkplan B.V. in different ways: you can search for information, share information with other people, and you can adapt and create your own content yourself.

If you share data with us during this process, we can improve our services: you get search results that are more relevant, see advertisements that are more relevant, and it is faster to share your specific content.

It is also important that you take note of the privacy and cookie policy, as well as's disclaimer and copyright statement

Article 1 Definitions

1.1 Terms and conditions: these terms and conditions, regardless of the format in which they are presented. 

1.2 User or consumer: the juristic person or natural person using's service, hereafter referred to as: the user. The user enters into a non-transferable agreement with B.V.

1.3 Service: all tasks and activities that are the subject of the agreement.

1.4 Intellectual Property Rights: all rights pertaining to intellectual property and associated rights, such as copyright, trademark rights, design rights, trademark law, database rights and knowhow rights.

1.5 Fault: the material failure of the service to meet the functional specifications stipulated in the agreement. 

Article 2 General Provisions 

2.1 These terms and conditions apply to all offers and agreements pertaining to's provision of services to users, whether oral, written, electronic, or in any other format, that have been made or which have come about.

2.2 If one of the provisions in these terms and conditions becomes null and void or is nullified, then the other provisions in these terms and conditions remain in force.

2.3 Once these terms and conditions have applied to a legal relationship between B.V. and the user, the user is deemed to have agreed in advance to the applicability of the terms and conditions to agreements concluded subsequently or in future.

2.4 B.V. is entitled to amend the terms and conditions. The user will be notified of changes via the website, or via another method.

2.5 B.V. reserves the right at all times to refuse services to a user or to refuse their material on the services without the participant deriving any right to compensation from is not obliged to disclose its reasons in this regard.

Article 3 Provision of services 

3.1 B.V. cannot guarantee that no faults will occur. B.V. does its utmost to prevent faults with due regard.

3.2 B.V. is entitled to take the service out of use, for example, to improve and upgrade the service in line with current technology and market developments without the user deriving any rights to compensation or dissolution.

3.3 is entitled to amend the requirements and (technical) specifications for the duration of the agreement, partly driven by the fact that online functionalities are strongly influenced by technological advances in terms of the software, data and infrastructure used for distributing content.

3.4 B.V. is entitled to use third parties to provide the service.

Article 4 Cooperation by the user

4.1 Some of our services explicitly allow you to add content. The user will, insofar as is reasonably required, cooperate with execution of the agreement.

4.2 The user will always adhere to all guidelines for the use of services that are issued by B.V. or made known on's website.

4.3 If the user accesses the service with log in details, then the user is responsible for the use of B.V.'s services via those log in details.

Article 5 Fees and payments 

5.1 The user may be entitled to agreed fees for the use of certain services and products. All fees payable are, insofar as not otherwise stated, paid in Euros, inclusive of VAT and other charges.

5.2 The fees may consist of one-off , annual, or other periodically payable sums and sums that are dependent on use of the services.

Article 6 Intellectual Property Rights 

6.1 Intellectual property rights in respect of the service and all the results thereof are always held by B.V. For the duration of the agreement, B.V. grants the user the non-exclusive and non-transferable right to use the service for the agreed purpose.

6.2 The intellectual property rights for all materials that the user provides to B.V. as part of the agreement are always held by the user.

6.3 The user grants the unlimited right to use this material for the purpose of executing the agreement (including but not limited to reproduction, modification or publication) with explicitly being granted worldwide and perpetual “free licence” by the user to use, host, store, reproduce, modify, to produce derivative (commercial) works from, communicate, publish, perform publicly, display publicly and reproduce the content. Even after termination of the agreement, B.V. will retain worldwide and perpetual “free licence” to use such content without obligation.

6.4 The user guarantees that the material made available by the user does not infringe on the rights of third parties and that the user is entitled to make this material available to B.V. The user indemnifies B.V. in full against any claims and claims for damages from third parties, and also indemnifies B.V. against all costs incurred in connection with such claims.

6.5 The user is not permitted to remove or modify notices regarding copyright, brands, trademarks, or other intellectual property rights belonging to B.V. or its licensors.

6.6 The user is not entitled to transfer the user's rights or obligations flowing from the agreement to third parties, or to allow third parties to make use of these unless B.V. has given explicit written permission for this.

6.7 We will respond to notification of alleged copyright infringements and will terminate the accounts or persons who repeatedly infringe upon copyright. We provide information to help copyright holders protect their intellectual property rights online. If you believe someone has infringed upon your copyright, you can report it to:

6.8 By law, all rights of use granted to the user by B.V. via the agreement will lapse at the end of the agreement. 

Article 7 Guarantees and liability 

7.1 B.V. will always endeavour to deliver the service as well as possible. We deliver services with a commercially reasonable level of skill and care. Other than explicitly set out in these terms and conditions, B.V. offers no specific guarantees in relation to the services. For example, we make no commitments about content of the services, the specific functionality of the services and the reliability, availability, or ability of the services to meet your needs.

7.2 We supply the service "as is". Insofar as legally permitted, we exclude all guarantees. Specifically, does not guarantee that: the service will function without interruptions; that the service will be free of viruses, deficiencies and/and or faults; that deficiencies or faults can be rectified (in a timely fashion); that third parties will not make unauthorised use of the systems required for the service. 

7.3 Our services display certain content that is not the property of B.V. The entity that makes the content available is solely responsible for the content. We are unable to assess the content to check whether it is illegal or whether it breaches our policy and we can remove or cease to display content that we have reasonably been able to ascertain breaches our policy or breaks the law. However, this does not necessarily mean that we assess content. Do not therefore assume that we do this.

7.4 Furthermore, B.V. is in no way liable for omissions or outright errors in any information whatsoever such as, but not limited to: name and address details, text, photos, route points, route plans, cartographic maps, roads, cycle and footpaths, as well as all other (road) structures partly because this data is produced by third parties and is distributed or made freely available to B.V. whether or not correct 

7.5 B.V. will not be held liable for losses to third parties by way of copyright protected material posted on by third parties (participants, partners and consumers, et cetera) in whatever way. Naturally, B.V. will remove the material in question from the website in the event of demonstrable copyright or other infringements.

7.6 B.V. will not be held liable for losses suffered by the user. In no way whatosever will B.V. be liable for indirect losses, including but not limited to consequential losses.

Article 8 Suspension, additions, removals and restriction

8.1 B.V. is entitled to suspend execution of the agreement in full or in part without giving a reason.

8.2 We are are always busy amending and improving our services. We may add or remove functions or options. We can also suspend or completely terminate a service. You can cease use of our services at any time, but we would be sorry to see you leave us.

8.3 B.V. may also cease the provision of our services to you, or add or implement new limitations for our services.

Article 9 Duration of the Agreement 

9.1 The agreement is entered into indefinitely.

9.2 The user is entitled to dissolve the agreement by unsubscribing.

9.3 Without prejudice to its other rights and without being liable for losses, B.V. is entitled to terminate the agreement extrajudicially with immediate effect at any time without giving a reason

Article 10 Final Provisions 

10.1 B.V. is entitled to transfer the rights and obligations flowing from the agreement (either in part or in full) to its subsidiary or group companies, to a third party (in the event of a business transfer, for example) or to outsource it to a subcontractor without the prior (written) permission of the participant. The agreement is governed by Dutch law.

10.2 All disputes that may arise from the agreement will be submitted to the competent court in ‘s-Hertogenbosch. B.V. is registered with the Chamber of Commerce in Eindhoven under reg. no. 52375455. These terms and conditions were filed with the Chamber of Commerce in Eindhoven on 1 May 2018. 


The terms and conditions of use were last amended on 1 May 2018.