Dendermonde Cycle route

Cycling in Dendermonde, Flanders, Belgium

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Provided by: Toerisme Oost-Vlaanderen

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45.4 km
02:40 h
800 kcal
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Between Scheldt and Dender lies a beautiful piece of nature where the water is never far away. We cycle past locks and bridges, wet meadows and atmospheric villages, and stretch our calves on a terrace on the Donkmeer. The icing on the cake is the ferry crossing at Appels, from where we set course again along the banks of both rivers to Dendermonde.

The city where the Dender flows into the Scheldt breathes history. The medieval buildings on and around the Grand-Place bear witness to a rich past that lives on in folkloric events such as the ten-yearly Ros Beiaardommegang and the annual Katuit giant roundabout, in which guild giants Indian, Mars and Goliath are carried through the city. Traditions to be proud of, because the beguinage, the belfry and the ommegang have World Heritage status. During the First World War, the city suffered a lot. During the advance through Belgium, the German army completely reduced the center to ashes. Today Dendermonde is the most swinging of all Dendersteden: the Jazz Centrum Vlaanderen and the Honky Tonk Jazz Club have been established values within the European jazz scene for more than forty years.

The specialty in Scheldeland is eel, and you can tell by the many eel houses along this route. However, Dendermonde is a city in its own right. Here you can eat Dendermondse kop, a local delicacy based on pork belly and juicy meat from beef and pork heads, which is best enjoyed on a slice of brown bread with a thin layer of mustard. Less adventurous, but just as tasty, is Dendermondse Witten, a good"meat\\\" local rabbit, marinated in regional beer, for example a Vicaris Generaal, a double top-fermented beer from the Dendermond brewery Dilewyns.

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# Description Distance
91 (Veerstraat, 9200, Dendermonde, Vlaanderen, België) 0.00 km
88 (Tijsluis, 9200, Dendermonde, Vlaanderen, België) 1.94 km
87 (Tijsluis, 9200, Dendermonde, Vlaanderen, België) 2.04 km
81 (Oude Heirbaan, 9200, Dendermonde, Vlaanderen, België) 5.32 km
27 (Denderstraat, 9200, Dendermonde, Vlaanderen, België) 7.77 km
29 (Wiezebrug, 9308, Aalst, Vlaanderen, België) 9.97 km

Place name directory

  • Dendermonde, Flanders
  • Dendermonde, Vlaanderen
  • Aalst, Vlaanderen
  • Berlare, Vlaanderen
  • Zele, Oost-Vlaanderen
  • Dendermonde, Oost-Vlaanderen
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