Waterwheel mill


You will find the Bisschopsmolen in the heart of Maastricht. This mid-stroke water mill dates from the 7th century, but the mill did not receive its current name until the 11th century. The name of the mill refers to the bishop of Liège who became the owner of this mill in the 11th century. From 1442, the mill was used for 350 years to grind malt for the Maastricht Brewers' Guild. After that, the mill was sold several times, including to Maastricht merchants. In 1920 the mill came into the hands of the Municipality of Maastricht, after which the mill was fitted with a new iron water board. The mill was completely restored in 2004 and since 2005 the mill has been used again. Just like in the past, the mill is powered by the water of the Jeker, only now spelled is ground to brew beer and bake bread.

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