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The first station in Venlo was opened on November 21, 1865. However, this station was not located where the current station is. The first station was further along Kaldenkerkerweg, towards Germany, (near the Veolia bus shed). This is due to the railway from Hamburg to Paris (C? Ln-Mindener Spoorbaan). The route ran via the current Juliana Park to the place where the current station now stands. This trace? could not go through and so the second station was built closer to the center. The current building, designed by Koen van der Gaast, dates from 1958 and is a typical reconstruction station, striking features are the large canopy and the station tower that was used at the time.

The station used to have a connection with Wesel via Straelen. This connection was built in 1874, but has now been demolished. The Krefeldseweg in the direction of Straelen follows the trace of this railway line. The Wachtpoststraat is a reminder of a guard house that stood along the line.


The NS intercity train Den Haag-Venlo, the Veolia slow train Nijmegen-Venlo-Roermond and the Eurobahn-Regional-Express Venlo-Hamm (Germany) stop at Venlo station.

Venlo station has a bus station with 7 bus platforms (A to G) where the city and regional buses stop. The rides are provided by Veolia Transport, with the exception of line 83, which is operated by Veolia together with Breng and line 929, which is operated by the German NIAG. Furthermore, there is both a guarded and an unguarded bicycle shed and there is (paid) parking for cars. There is also a taxi rank.

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