Around the Reeuwijkse Plassen

Cycling in Krimpenerwaard, South Holland, The Netherlands

Cycling route 114892

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02:16 h
679 kcal
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Around the large water features of the Reeuwijkse Plassen, you will find meadows and a forest called'Het Reeuwijkse Hout. The former polder has a wide variety of flora and fauna. While you cycle along gullies, gullies and canals through a vast area, you will see cuckoo and white-tailed flowers, but also crabs squirrel or marsh weed growing along the banks and in the fields. Grass snakes feel great near the water and many birds breed around the Reeuwijkse Plassen: the nightingale and the wood warbler, but also the reed warbler and the chiff-chaff. The route, offered by the South Holland Tourist Board, also leads you through Gouda, known for its Gouda cheeses. Gouda has an attractive, historic center with a canal system and 330 national monuments. The town hall and the Sint-Janskerk, both built in the 15th century, are a few examples of this. De Waag, built in 1668, also has a rich history. The route starts at the Tourist Transfer Point (TOP). Museum Bisdom van Vliet is the first stop after 1.4 kilometers on the route. In this museum the possessions of the mayor's family Bisdom van Vliet can be seen. The current house was built between 1874 and 1877 to replace the old family home. The gigantic house consists of two floors, with on the ground floor the entrance hall, a consulting room, a large lounge, a dining room, garden room, living room, small lounge, the corridor and the stairwell. On the first floor are the white upper portal, a library, a bedroom/dressing room, another bedroom, a brown upper portal, an office, a costume room, a guest sitting room and a balcony room. The collections on display include Chinese and Japanese porcelain, antique furniture and clocks, silverware and crystal, family portraits, costumes, and weapons. Park'De Overtuin\\\' used to be part of the house. In the woods at the rear is a funerary monument, where Mr. and Mrs. le Fèvre de Montigny-Bisdom van Vliet and their dog Nora are buried. Haastrechtse Molen is the only historic round stone scaffolding mill in the Netherlands. There are other round stone scaffolding mills, but they were all built only a few decades ago, while the Haastrecht windmill dates from 1862. The mill is named after the polder it drained and was built to replace a seesaw mill with the same function. Another beautiful windmill south of Gouda is't Slot. The round tower mill was built in 1832 on the site where the castle of the Heeren van Ter Gouw once stood. The mill replaced an octagonal scaffolding mill that burned out in 1831. In 2003, the municipality of Gouda started a two-year restoration. The mill is still in working order and can be viewed by appointment, but is not in operation. In Gouda you will also pass the Agnietenkapel. This is the remains of a former convent for women, whose convent was founded at the end of the 14th century. The building has a Gothic chapel that was built in the mid-15th century. The entire complex consisted of a cloister, surrounded by various buildings (of which quite a few have been demolished over the years): a chapel with sacristy, the cloister, service buildings and stables, but also a brewery. From 1972 to 1975, the chapel was restored and given a new use. Today, cultural activities are organized. When you have arrived at Bodegraven north of the Reeuwijkse Plassen, you will see a tower mill from 1697: De Arkduif. This mill ground corn and has been restored over the years with old parts from other mills. Despite this, the mill has been shut down due to the poor condition. Although he no longer grinds, De Arkduif has been given a nice new use. Because it is used as a beer brewery, the mill cannot be visited. When you cycle out of Bodegraven, you arrive at the Wiericker Schans. Built in the 1673, the fort was part of the New Dutch Waterline. The fortress kept its defensive function until the 19th century, but the fortress has also been used as a gunpowder warehouse, as a residence for officers, as a church and as a training school for guard dogs. Today the fortress is a tourist center for a wide recreational audience.
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# Description Distance
TOP Haastrecht (Grote Haven, 2851VV, Krimpenerwaard, South Holland, The Netherlands) 0.00 km
12 (Hoogstraat, 2851BC, Krimpenerwaard, Zuid-Holland, Nederland) 0.26 km
34 (2851, Krimpenerwaard, Zuid-Holland, Nederland) 0.51 km
Museum Bisdom van Vliet (Hoogstraat, 2851 BE, Haastrecht, Zuid-Holland, Nederland) 0.99 km
Haastrechtse Molen (Goejanverwelledijk, 2807 CC, Gouda, Zuid-Holland, Nederland) 3.58 km
40 (Nieuwe Veerstal, 2808NR, Gouda, Zuid-Holland, Nederland) 5.00 km

Place name directory

  • Krimpenerwaard, South Holland
  • Krimpenerwaard, Zuid-Holland
  • Haastrecht, Zuid-Holland
  • Gouda, Zuid-Holland
  • Bodegraven-Reeuwijk, Zuid-Holland
  • Nieuwerbrug aan den Rijn, Zuid-Holland
  • Oudewater, Utrecht
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