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Bouwval van het Genneperhuis

In the pasture south of Milsbeek, opposite the Theehuisje Milsbeek, you can see the ruin of the Genneperhuis. This fortified fortress was probably built on the spot where a Roman fort once stood. Until the fifteenth century, the Lords of Gennep lived in this castle, after which both the Cleves and Guelders wanted to include the building and the surrounding land in their territory. Both rulers owned the castle for a short period, until it officially became part of the Duchy of Cleves in 1442. The castle was finally destroyed in 1710 by the French troops of King Louis XIV, who wanted to add the southern part of the Netherlands to his territory. Today, some foundations in the pasture have been uncovered and provided with information signs.

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Genneperhuisweg 5
6596 DS Gennep
Limburg The Netherlands

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