Copyright B.V. respects the intellectual property rights and privacy of third parties and strives to prevent unauthorised publication on our website and in our apps. B.V. accepts no liability whatsoever for information uploaded by third parties or supplied to B.V. by third parties with a request to upload and publicise it. The copyright conditions and licences described here apply to all printed and digital publications, marketing communications, social media, products, services and services commercially exploited and/or used by, belonging to and/or associated with BV.

The regulations below apply to all users of the websites and apps belonging to BV.


  1. Do not publish photos in which people are recognisable without explicit permission.
  2. Always assume that any random photo found on the Internet or obtained via other digital, printed, or social media is (or could be) governed by copyright and do not publish it without the permission of the creator and/or entitled party.
  3. The user who uploads or instructs BV to upload the visual material in question will be liable for claims from third parties in relation to copyright infringements .
  4. nl BV reserves the right to remove visual material if it is unclear whether it complies with the aforementioned copyright rules.

What we recommend you do!

You may upload your own photos taking into account the aforementioned copyright rules.

You can also use the photo library belonging to These photos can be used on websites and apps belonging to BV without paying royalties and without legal repercussions, however you should never remove the copyright notice that appears in the photos or images.

Licence conditions

When you upload content to, or add content to our products and/or services, you grant BV and its associated subsidiaries and/or organisations and clients a worldwide a perpetual licence to use, host, store, reproduce, amend, produce derivative commercial products from, communicate, publicise and publish the content. 

This licence will remain valid even if you discontinue use of our services for whatever reason, for example, for a business listing you added, or had added to the website and/or apps or other B.V. communications or affiliated organisations.

This copyright policy was last amended on 17 May 2019.