Jacob van Lennep route, Part 09 (Groningen - Zoutkamp)

Groningen, Groningen, The Netherlands

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87.5 km
05:08 h
1543 kcal
5 m


This route is one of the 42 stages of the Jacob van Lennep experience tour. A tour inspired by the trip that Van Lennep made in 1823 with his fellow student Van Hogendorp through the Netherlands. Click here for an overview of all stages.

Groningen professors
Friday June 20. As usual, Van Lennep visits people from his own circle. Just like WF Hermans some 150 years later (in the book"Under professors\\\"), he complains about some professors:"It seems that the Groningen professors are seldom or never at home , at least for us, so that we made ten futile visits.\\\"

In the evening at the inn, after a long day, they slam the door of their room, because a group of liberal students is having a party among them. Van Lennep writes that it would prove to be a good precaution. Because as soon as the drunk students realize that Dirk van Hogendorp is above them, they get angry because he has written a conservative dissertation. They incite each other to'trial\\\' this supporter of Willem Bilderdijk. Van Lennep and Van Hogendorp can hear everything through the wooden floor and experience some frightening moments. As can be heard in the fourth radio episode, it just does not come to an actual scuffle. Van Lennep writes:"(...) behold the contemporary tolerance that the liberals are so proud of.\\\"

laid out
Sunday, June 22. Van Lennep and Van Hogendorp leave Groningen. In Ezinge they attend a church service at nine o'clock, which Van Lennep describes as pitiful. They walk via Oldehove to Ruigezand where they hope to speak to one of the agricultural pioneers Aedsge and Douwe Teenstra. Aedsge is not there, Douwe appears to have died a few days earlier and is lying in state at home. In radio episode four, Frank Westerman (known from"The Grain Republic\\\") tells more about Groningen agriculture.

Floor sources
-Jakob van Lennep," The Summer of 1823": part 1, chapters 7 and 8.
-Geert Mak, The summer of 1823 as a television series : episode 4.
-Maya Schepers, The summer of 1823 as a radio series : episode 3 and 4.
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# Description Distance
Treinstation Groningen (9726AE, Groningen, Groningen, The Netherlands) 0.00 km
86 (9711ME, Groningen, Groningen, The Netherlands) 0.38 km
87 (9718AE, Groningen, Groningen, The Netherlands) 1.15 km
95 (9718CN, Groningen, Groningen, The Netherlands) 1.62 km
55 (9747AE, Groningen, Groningen, The Netherlands) 4.47 km
Dorkwerd (Dorkwerd, Groningen, The Netherlands) 7.04 km


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