Blueberry route

Horst aan de Maas - Limburg - The Netherlands

Cycling route 171230

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3462 46
33.00 km
581 kcal
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Experience how the blueberry culture of Melderslo and the surrounding area has returned. After the Moelbaeren (Limburgs for blueberries) no longer wanted to grow in the wild, various arable farmers started growing delicious cultivated blueberries. Cycle, enjoy and taste! The blueberry The region between Peel and Maas is the concentration area of the blueberry in the Netherlands. The blueberry grows on an airy, humus-rich, acidic and moist sandy or peaty soil. The blueberry harvest period runs from late June to late September. Did you know that the blueberry originally descends from the blueberry? However, the blueberry is much larger than the blueberry and grows in clusters, while blueberries are individually located in the bush. In addition, the flesh of the blueberry is colorless, while that of the blueberry is red. Blueberries are rich in fiber and a source of vitamin E, which is known as an antioxidant. Many people say that eating blueberries can prevent certain diseases. And that works out well. Because the health bombs not only taste nice and sweet out of the hand, they also fit perfectly in countless dishes. Together with the processing into, for example, juice, jam or syrup, but also for liqueur or wines, they are excellent regional products. For more information, also visit Want to know more about blueberries? Take the blueberry quiz on www.

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