LF 38 Dender-Waasland route

Cycling in Sint-Gillis-Waas, Flanders, Belgium

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3012 12
107.2 km
06:18 h
1888 kcal
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The LF 38 is one of the four cross connections on the large loop of the Flanders Cycle Route. From De Klinge to Geraardsbergen it is a journey of 100 km. Highlights along the route are the green lungs along the winding Scheldt and Dender in contrast to the historic centers of some smaller, and therefore charming, Waasland towns. Let yourself be carried away by the green oases along the meandering Scheldt and Dender. From north to south The route departs near De Klinge, on the Belgian-Dutch border. It runs on a former railway bed through the Land van Waas past Sint-Gillis-Waas to Sint-Niklaas. Along the recreation park De Ster, the route leads through the open polder landscape with its convex fields to the Scheldt, which is crossed in Temse. Upstream it now joins the LF 5 Flanders Cycle Route along the major bends of the Scheldt through Klein-Brabant, past Weert, Mariekerke and Sint-Amands. Forgetting the picnic can be a good idea, an eel dish in one of the restaurants along the way will be a tasty alternative. From the Scheldt bridge before Dendermonde, the Flanders Cycle Route continues to follow the Scheldt on its way to Ghent. The LF 38 chooses Dendermonde, Aalst, Ninove and Geraardsbergen. Driving across the Markt van Dendermonde is a unique cycling experience. The route then winds through the picturesque landscapes in the Dender valley to the center of Aalst. The slopes of the Pajottenland and the Flemish Ardennes beckon, but they keep a safe distance left and right. In exchange, you get the gently winding towpath of the Dender under your wheels, away from all traffic. The bridge of Pollare is worth another stop because of its valuable iron architecture. For a real fitness test you can turn left at the end point in the center of Geraardsbergen and try to reach the top of the Muur. This bonus entitles you to a large mattentaart. Round trip For a nice LF combination of about 180 km you can start in Dendermonde and cycle along the LF 38 to Geraardsbergen. Here you take the LF 6 Flanders cycle route westwards to Kluisbergen. There you turn off onto the LF 30 Scheldt-Delta route in the direction of Ghent. Just past the bridge in Melle you join the LF 5 Flanders Cycle Route back to Dendermonde. Linked routes The other cross connections are the LF 2, LF 30 and LF 35.
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# Description Distance
80 (Mechelen-Terneuzenwegel, 9170, Sint-Gillis-Waas, Vlaanderen, België) 0.00 km
81 (Mechelen-Terneuzenwegel, 9170, Sint-Gillis-Waas, Vlaanderen, België) 2.40 km
82 (Mechelen-Terneuzenwegel, 9170, Sint-Gillis-Waas, Vlaanderen, België) 4.31 km
83 (Mechelen-Terneuzenwegel, 9100, Sint-Niklaas, Vlaanderen, België) 6.43 km
79 (Godschalkstraat, 9100, Sint-Niklaas, Vlaanderen, België) 8.82 km
96 (Vossekotstraat, 9100, Sint-Niklaas, Vlaanderen, België) 12.55 km

Place name directory

  • Sint-Gillis-Waas, Flanders
  • Sint-Niklaas, Flanders
  • Temse, Flanders
  • Bornem, Flanders
  • Puurs-Sint-Amands, Flanders
  • Hamme, Flanders
  • Dendermonde, Flanders
  • Lebbeke, Flanders
  • Aalst, Flanders
  • Affligem, Flanders
  • Denderleeuw, Flanders
  • Liedekerke, Flanders
  • Roosdaal, Flanders
  • Ninove, Flanders
  • Geraardsbergen, Flanders
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