Oldemarkt, Munnekeburen and Ossenzijl

Cycling in Steenwijkerland, Overijssel, The Netherlands

Cycling route 138771

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397 kcal
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Open water, reed beds, swamp forests ... all shades of water landscapes can be found in Weerribben-Wieden National Park. It is not without reason that De Weerribben won the title 'Most beautiful place in the Netherlands' in 2004. The Weerribben are overgrown with beautiful plants and a variety of special animal species live in this area. The carnivorous bladderwort often floats in large masses on the fens, lakes and ponds, but crab shear, water lilies and water scheer also thrive here. In the reed land you will come across cheerful colors of wild herbs, including fireweed, skullcap, marsh thorn and bindweed, while grasses, heather, peat moss, sundew and marsh cartel leaf grow on acidifying reed land. The nature of Weerribben-Wieden National Park was created under the influence of man. From the twelfth century dikes were built so that the influence of the Zuiderzee diminished and the land prepared for habitation. After the discovery that dried peat was a good fuel, peat was cut in the Wieden for centuries and long, wide pulling holes were created. Peat extraction in the Weerribben started later and rules were set. Large pools have therefore not arisen in the Weerribben. Park the car at Recreation Center De Kluft where the day starts in a relaxed and pleasant way. Located at a campsite, you may be lit with a good holiday feeling. If you decide to unfold your tent or install the caravan at the campsite, you can make use of our cycling package. Route 138773 shows you even more of the most beautiful surroundings in the Netherlands from Recreation Center De Kluft, so you can enjoy a real cycling weekend. Halfway through the tour there are beautiful windmills that adorn the (inter) nationally renowned nature reserve the Rottige Meente. Two beautiful copies are close to each other. First you pass windmill De Reiger from the year 1871. This octagonal upper cruiser was used to drain the polder, but the ground sailor was later given a residential purpose. After 6 years of inactivity, the mill turned its first rounds again in 2013. Molen de Rietvink is the next windmill in the polder area. After half a century of inactivity, the restoration was fully completed in 2010 and the octagonal upper crosshair is once again in function of water level management in the polder. You can also visit the mill when it is running. You can recharge your bike and yourself in the adjacent tea garden.
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# Description Distance
Recreatiecentrum De Kluft (Hoogeweg, 8376 EM, Steenwijkerland, Overijssel, The Netherlands) 0.00 km
11 (Venebosweg, 8376EN, Steenwijkerland, Overijssel, Nederland) 0.49 km
12 (Marktplein, 8375AN, Steenwijkerland, Overijssel, Nederland) 4.56 km
75 6.67 km
36 (Lindedijk, 8481KH, Weststellingwerf, Friesland, Nederland) 8.65 km
Molen De Reiger (Kerkhofslaan, 8481JC, Weststellingwerf, Friesland, Nederland) 11.34 km

Place name directory

  • Steenwijkerland, Overijssel
  • Weststellingwerf, Friesland
  • Ossenzijl, Overijssel
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