Bergen, Alkmaar and Schoorl

Bergen (NH) - North Holland - The Netherlands

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Explore the cozy courtyards of Alkmaar, cycle along the old canals and discover the narrow streets. Do not miss a visit to the traditional cheese market, for which the "Cheese Town" became so famous and soak up the atmosphere of the historic center, which has hundreds of beautiful municipal and national monuments. The city center and the Westerhoutkwartier are not a protected cityscape for nothing! Alkmaar has an eventful history full of memorable moments. Obtaining city rights in 1254, the Blood Miracle in 1429, in which blood stains appeared miraculously in a piece of textile, and the fact that the Alkmaarders with boiling tar and burning fagots managed to keep the Spaniards at a distance during the Eighty Years' War. . Low points are the great city fire of 1328, the Revolt of the Cheese and Bread People in 1517 and the killing of the martyrs of Alkmaar in 1572, because of their Catholic faith. The first mill to present itself is the Alkmaar Geestmolen. This polder mill is an oak octagon on a low base and was built in 1565. The mill used to grind the corn that the Geestmolenpolder, a piece of land of 170 hectares, yielded. This function was discontinued when a new housing estate was built in the polder. In 2013, the thatched Geestmolen drains the polder on a voluntary basis. The next four mills that you see in Alkmaar are inextricably linked. Ironing mill B, Ironing mill C, Ironing mill D and Ironing mill E are all located at a distance of a few hundred meters together and show striking similarities. All four of these mills are ground sailers that were built in 1630, except Iron Mill E. This was set two years earlier. The ironing mills are located on the Molenkade and flowed the water from various polders to the Schermerboezem. In total, fourteen of these types of mills once stood together. Molenstichting Alkmaar and surroundings own the ironing mills. The last windmill you can visit during your trip is in Schoorldam. The Kijkduin windmill is situated on a small elevation here. This round, stone ground sailor was completed in 1772 and replaces a post mill that was already on this site in 1575. The mill milled grain on a professional basis until 1935, but when it stopped, the municipality of Bergen bought the mill and kept the building as a monument. Nowadays, Kijkduin grinds grain on a voluntary basis and sells flour products. When the mill is running, it can also be viewed from the inside, so it is nice to have a look to see how a mill works exactly.
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