Hoksem, Hoegaarden and Meldert

Cycling in Hoegaarden, Flanders, Belgium

Cycling route 125659

Provided by: Groots Genieten

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322 kcal
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A bike ride around Hoegaarden, which of course ends on a terrace with a beer! This delicious wheat beer is brewed in the town of the same name. The wheat beer is of course the best known; In addition to barley malt, wheat is also used for this during brewing, because it is the wheat that gives the beer its pale color and cloudy quality. You will learn all about it behind the doors of't Wit Gebrouw, where you will be completely immersed in the world of Hoegaards Witbier. After your visit, you can of course enjoy a delicious glass of Hoegaarden Witbier in the Kouterhof. But before that, you should definitely take a look at the Goudberg geosite, which you pass along the way. Here you can see petrified trees, remnants of a subtropical swamp forest that is as old as 54.9 million years. In the petrified trees, the wood has been replaced molecule by molecule by pebbles. The whole tree has been transformed into a stone version of itself, as it were, preserving the internal characteristics of the wood. An incredible sight! In addition to the petrified cypress trees from the former swamp forest, the Goudberg geosite offers a wonderful overview of 55 million years of subsurface evolution. More than 50 million years ago, the sea came to Hoegaarden and in the geosite you can walk through time along the different soil layers. And then it's time for all the delicious things to taste in Hoegaarden - and that's more than just beer, this region is full of regional products. In the Gardens of Hoegaarden, an ecological and sustainable park in the center with more than 20 themed gardens, you can get acquainted with various wild herbs. Jan and Mieke Dewachter of the Nieuwhuys distillery and home brewery have distilled a prairie liqueur especially for the Hoegaarden Gardens, a liqueur based on herbs selected from the prairie garden. Prairie liqueur can be found on the menu as a digestive in several Hoegaarden restaurants. Those with a sweet tooth will immediately take home a nice souvenir: a chocolate praline with spicy prairie liqueur. Are you ready for the rest of the trip? It is worth it, because further on you cycle past the beautiful castle of Meldert, with a history that dates back to the 16th century. The current building was built in the neo-Gothic style at the end of the 19th century. Nowadays the Sint-Janscollege is located in the beautiful building and the castle, the service wing and the garden pavilion are protected as monuments. The park area, which has grown into a beautiful natural forest, is a protected village scene and nature reserve. A nice place to finish the cycling route before you cycle back to the starting point.
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# Description Distance
14 (3320, Hoegaarden, Flanders, Belgium) 0.00 km
15 (3320, Hoegaarden, Flanders, Belgium) 5.92 km
11 (RAVeL L142, 3320, Hoegaarden, Wallonia, Belgium) 6.38 km
16 (3320, Hoegaarden, Flanders, Belgium) 7.41 km
Meldert (Sint-Janscollege, 3320, Hoegaarden, Flanders, Belgium) 12.45 km
14 (3320, Hoegaarden, Flanders, Belgium) 18.27 km

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  • Hoegaarden, Flanders
  • Tienen, Flanders
  • Hoegaarden, Wallonia
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