Ostend, Leffinge and Oudenburg

Cycling in Ostend, Flanders, Belgium

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The history of Ostend goes back to the ninth century, when the first traces of habitation are found. Fishermen lived off what the sea had to offer and shepherds herded their animals over the fields. In 814 the then tiny village was donated to the abbey of St. Bertinus in St. Omaars, but in 1267 the town of Ostend received its own city rights. Despite this, Ostend had no walls, fortresses or strongholds to keep enemies away. In 1372 the city was fortified with stockades, but in the end the town lost to an indestructible enemy and residents had to give up a large part of Ostend to constant flooding and heavy storms. After a last, major flood, the city was largely relocated in 1447 and Ostend was further removed from the sea. During your bike ride you will see many historical elements in the landscape, which you may not quickly stop because they seem so obvious. For example, make no mistake about the pattern of channels and dikes that runs through the polder: you can see that the sea was gradually pushed back and that the landscape was conquered from the water in small steps. There are also settlements, forts and line dikes dating from the Eighty Years' War, barely recognizable to laymen but not unimportant for the history of the landscape. These connect to other dikes and gullies, because the water was an important weapon in the battle. The fortifications of Sluis and Retranchement, which unfortunately are not on the cycle route, are still well preserved. When you have parked your car, your route starts at Profile Oostende. The bicycle specialist is ready to get your bicycle in top condition. An experienced cyclist knows that a maintenance check literally makes the trip much smoother, so it is a good idea to have your bike checked here. You will receive a 10 euro discount on presentation of your bicycle discount card.
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# Description Distance
Profile Oostende (8400, Ostend, Flanders, Belgium) 0.00 km
52 (8400, Ostend, Flanders, Belgium) 7.71 km
77 (8400, Ostend, Flanders, Belgium) 7.83 km
75 (Duinenstraat, 8400, Ostend, Flanders, Belgium) 8.97 km
16 (8432, Middelkerke, Flanders, Belgium) 11.60 km
17 (8432, Middelkerke, Flanders, Belgium) 13.67 km

Place name directory

  • Ostend, Flanders
  • Middelkerke, Flanders
  • Oudenburg, Flanders
  • Gistel, Flanders
  • Bredene, Flanders
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