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Cycling in Lochem, Gelderland, The Netherlands

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21 m
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As the crow flies, the settlement city of Lochem and the Hanseatic city of Zutphen are only 15 km apart. In between is a varied landscape: the river Berkel, a number of estates such as De Veldhorst, the large forest area Het Grote Veld, small-scale agricultural land and nature reserves. The landscape has a rich past. It has been heavily influenced by human activities over the centuries. Agriculture and trade in particular have left their mark on the landscape. A number of highlights in this route are: The Grote Veld The Grote Veld used to be a vast heath and forest area with fens. Today there are still fields here and there with cap and shrub heather. This area is interspersed with meadows and thus forms a bocage landscape, which is characteristic of this region. Until about 1920, trees such as Norway spruce, larch, Douglas fir and Scots pine were planted here. A large part of the Grote Veld is currently protected by Natuurmonumenten. Warkense Molen A fine surviving example of the human influences in this region is the Warkense Molen. This mill was built in 1878 by Jannes Nijendijk and is still owned by family. Mills need wind or water. In the past, only the nobility had the right to wind and water. If a miller wanted to practice his profession, he had to pay for the right to wind or water. Huis't Velde The history of Huis ;t Velde begins in the Middle Ages. In 13626 it is first mentioned as a manor. Part of the main building dates from the 16th century. Renaissance decorations of marl and brick in the middle part of the main building are reminiscent of this period. Warnsveld The history of Warnsveld begins with the construction of the church in the 12th century. This church, built in Romanesque and (later) Gothic style, was built on the site of a wooden church. The church village of Warnsveld begins to grow strongly in the 19th century. Especially the well-to-do from Zutphen are charmed by the peace and space and move to the green Warnsveld. Cat shy The river Berkel flows into the IJssel at two places. One is at the cat harbor weir. This consists of a sliding weir, an emergency gate and a recoil mechanism. Together with the Houtwalstuw, the cat harbor weir regulates the water level in the Berkel. This prevents the water in the Berkel from becoming too high and basements in Zutphen from being flooded. This happened regularly in ancient times. Berkel ruins What is now a ruin was an important defense work for the city of Zutphen in the 14th century. At that time, the Berkel was a busy waterway. Raw materials such as salt and wood were transported from Germany over the Berkel to Zutphen. The Berkelpoort was built to prevent the enemy from entering Zutphen via the Berkel. Huize De Veldhorst As early as 1313 the hof is called'Verlehorst\\\', the name'Velhorst; first occurs two centuries later. The Velhorst has often changed hands and renovated over the centuries. The current facade is from 1741. The long beech avenues are characteristic of the estate. The old orchard has been restored by volunteers. You can start this route at the 4 TOP\\\'s (tourist boarding points). Namely: - Top de Zonnebloem - Top Warnsveld - Top Zutphen - Top The New Construction
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# Description Distance
Walderstraat, 7241BJ, Lochem, Gelderland, The Netherlands 0.00 km
14 (Tusseler, 7241KE, Lochem, Gelderland, The Netherlands) 1.54 km
50 (7241RP, Lochem, Gelderland, The Netherlands) 7.96 km
82 (Heijendaalseweg, 7251HW, Bronckhorst, Gelderland, The Netherlands) 10.20 km
85 (7251JL, Bronckhorst, Gelderland, The Netherlands) 10.68 km
86 (7251JK, Bronckhorst, Gelderland, The Netherlands) 11.84 km

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  • Lochem, Gelderland
  • Bronckhorst, Gelderland
  • Zutphen, Gelderland
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