Along the Meije

Nieuwkoop, South Holland, The Netherlands

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46.5 km
02:44 h
820 kcal
0 m


Nieuwkoop is located in the polder and is a peat lake area that arose from the 16th century. It occupies a small part of the Nieuwkoopse Plassen natural area. The lakes are widely used for water recreation, with a large marina nearby you will see cabin boats in particular in this area. The water is quite pure and has strong plant growth. Water gentian and the water lily, but also drifting water hemlock and fields of crab shear are no exception. A great diversity of marsh birds live in and around the banks and meadows. The black tern, which is becoming increasingly rare, but also the great and little reed warbler and the mustache like to breed here. Fish eaters such as the purple heron and the cormorant subsist on what the puddles have to offer. The small, winding peat river Mije leads through the polder and the meadow area and gives extra atmosphere to the area, in which many ancient, characteristic farms can still be seen. The route, which is offered to you by the South Holland Tourism Board, starts at the Tourist Transfer Point (TOP) in Nieuwkoop. You can also get some more information about the history of the area and the flora and fauna at VVV Nieuwkoop. The Westveense Mill is located near the small village of Woerdense Verlaat. The mill was built in 1676 and worked exclusively on wind power until 1975. The mill underwent another large-scale and major restoration in 2009 and 2010: the lower tower was straightened, the shaft repaired, the wall plate and the king's spindle were chipped, the paddle wheel and the wheel well were deepened and narrowed and many other parts were replaced, including three catch pieces, the cross arm of the water wheel, two jib, struts, steps and stringers. The restored wip mill still drains the Westveense polder on a voluntary basis and can usually be visited on Saturdays. Windmill Morgenster, located on the other side of Nieuwkoop in the village of Aarlanderveen, is a completely different kind of windmill. This octagonal tower mill from 1870 ground grain until 1945, but has since fallen into disrepair. A committee that was set up prevented the mill from being demolished and had the mill restored. The mill now serves as a residence.
Tourist Transfer Point (TOP) Windmill Pancake house

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# Description Distance
TOP Nieuwkoop (2421XX, Nieuwkoop, South Holland, The Netherlands) 0.00 km
83 (2431AH, Nieuwkoop, South Holland, The Netherlands) 2.80 km
79 (2435NV, Nieuwkoop, South Holland, The Netherlands) 3.62 km
82 (2432, Nieuwkoop, South Holland, The Netherlands) 5.25 km
Westveense Molen (Westveense Molen, 3652MC, Nieuwkoop, South Holland, The Netherlands) 6.85 km
24 (3652MD, Nieuwkoop, South Holland, The Netherlands) 9.28 km


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