Discover the forests and heaths of De Meinweg

Roerdalen, Limburg, The Netherlands

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Provided by: Hart van Limburg

15.2 km
03:47 h
861 kcal
53 m


On this route you will get to know part of the Water Wandel Wereld, the hiking paradise in the Grenspark Maas-Schwalm-Nette. This varied tour takes you along forest paths, through heathland landscapes with fens, through swamp forests and along bogs.

Terraces and humid areas
During your walk you can enjoy characteristic terrace edges that were created over a period of thousands of years by erosion in the primeval river valley of the Meuse. Two streams flow on the terraces, both of which flow into the Roer: the Rode Beek and the Boschbeek. Along the way you walk through the woods of the Luzenkamp and through the humid areas of Melickerven and Herkenboscherven. The terraced and steep transitions, which can be up to 50 meters in height, give your tour a sporty touch.

Varied flora and fauna
This route is a wonderful experience for nature lovers, whatever the season. The unique interplay of meadows, forests, flowing and still waters, heaths and moist areas has created ideal living conditions for specific plants and animals. How about, for example, variegated dragonflies, amphibians and vipers. The latter animal is the symbol of De Meinweg National Park . Heathland sheep, Icelanders and Scottish Highlanders graze on the moors here and with a little patience you can spot wild boars, foxes, martens, ermines and weasels.

Time for a break?
Are you ready for a break? Then find a nice spot in, for example, Herkenbosch for a snack and a drink. Then you can go fresh and fruity again to discover all the beauty in this area. Think, for example, of the dunes in the Luzenkamp nature reserve that were created in the ice age.

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Height Profile

Hart van Limburg

Varied nature reserves, rich culture, charming towns on the water, you will find it all in Central Limburg. A refreshing piece of the Netherlands near the German and Belgian borders that is waiting to be discovered by you.

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# Description Distance
Parkeerplaats (Heide, 6042LN, Roerdalen, Limburg, The Netherlands) 0.00 km
54 (6042LN, Roerdalen, Limburg, The Netherlands) 0.30 km
45 (6042KW, Roermond, Limburg, The Netherlands) 0.90 km
44 (Keulsebaan, 6045GG, Roermond, Limburg, The Netherlands) 1.67 km
55 (Stationsweg, 6045JM, Roerdalen, Limburg, The Netherlands) 1.99 km
52 (Stationsweg, 6045JM, Roerdalen, Limburg, The Netherlands) 2.37 km


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