Cycling from Boxtel to Vught

Boxtel - North Brabant - The Netherlands

Cycling route 637461

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26123 52
28.21 km
497 kcal
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From Boxtel you can cycle straight into rural Brabant to Vught. You can enjoy the woods, the Dommeldal and the peace around you. Experience the typical, cozy Brabant atmosphere! The starting point of this route is at Brasserie CIS. Enjoy a nice snack or drink here before you start the route. The first attraction is Stacking Castle. The castle is located on the Dommel and was built in 1293. Via the picturesque Esch you go to Vught. You cycle over two beautiful estates: Jagershagen and Sparrendaal. Then you can enjoy the beautiful view over the Dommel and the view of the centuries-old castle Nieuw-Herlaer along the way. You end the route at Brasserie CIS, where you can rest for a while.

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