Boshuis Venkraai
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Boshuis Venkraai

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Boshuis Venkraai is located in the middle of the Oisterwijkse Bossen between the dozens of fens in this area. The mysterious pools give you the feeling that you are a long way from civilization. In this area you can also enjoy cycling and walking in peace. Got tired of all that activity? Then take a seat at Boshuis Venkraai. Here you can relax and gain new energy while enjoying a cup of coffee, a tasty snack or one of the specialty beers available here. For example, try the house beer 'Blonde Crow'. The Boshuis radiates cosiness with its authentic red and white shutters and a spacious terrace overlooking the forest. Here you will find real Brabant cosiness and you will automatically feel at home. In the summer you can relax on the terrace and watch the nature around you. When it is a bit colder you can sit comfortably inside.

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Boshuis Venkraai 162
5062 SH Oisterwijk
North Brabant The Netherlands

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