Thale - Saxony-Anhalt - Germany

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Harzer Hexenstieg: right through the rugged nature of the Harz

The diverse nature of the Harz, the highest low mountain range in northern Germany, is best discovered on foot. The 97 km long Harzer Hexenstieg hiking trail connects the different landscapes between Osterode in Lower Saxony and Thale in Saxony-Anhalt. Hiking through the Harz is an intensive introduction to the rugged wilderness of the Harz National Park, where nature is allowed to take its course again. And where the lynx occurs again. Many legends and legends circulate around the highest mountain in the Harz, the Brocken. Gnomes live here and witches and devils hide behind thick tree trunks. On April 30, it becomes very ominous when the witches celebrate here during Walpurgis Night.

On the part of the Harzer Hexenstieg through Lower Saxony traces of mining are visible everywhere. The trees were used to produce charcoal, needed to make metal from ore. Water was also important for mining. On the walking route you will come across many ditches and puddles.

Part of the Harzer Hexenstieg follows the course of the former Iron Curtain. The Brocken was a symbol of the dichotomy. From afar, the summit was visible to all, but it was unreachable. Only the Stasi and Russian military had access to this important listening post.

After the Brocken, the walk follows the river Bode, which rises here in the swamp at various places. It flows into the Bodetal through dense forests and meadow landscapes. In this spectacular valley, the rock walls tower hundreds of meters and the water seeks its way with thunderous violence.


As a nature lover you can indulge yourself in Lower Saxony. Take a bike ride or a walk and discover this beautiful area in an active way. This is the easiest way to find out what Lower Saxony does not have to offer. You can choose from both hilly routes and quiet routes.

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