The Paderborner Land Route

Cycling in Paderborn, North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany

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4433 kcal
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This popular cycling route through the Paderborner Land connects numerous cultural-historical and natural sights. Set out on this 245 kilometer route and discover it all. Most cyclists ride this route in six stages.

Impressive sights
During this tour you will cycle through the Senne, the largest contiguous heath area in all of North Rhine-Westphalia. You will also pass the monastery Dahlheim in Lichtenau. There you can learn more about monastic culture in a special museum. The enormous railway viaduct at Altenbeken is also definitely worth a visit. This is the largest stone railway viaduct in Europe. In the evening, the high arches of the viaduct are illuminated, resulting in an impressive work of light art. Near Hövelhof near the Emsquellen you cross the Steinhorster Becken, a special area where all kinds of migratory birds regularly alight.

Atmospheric cities
Along the route you will also find several cities, including Paderborn with an impressive cathedral from the 13th century and the largest computer museum in the world. Also, make some time along the way to relax and enjoy all the good Westphalian cuisine that gastronomes serve you in their restaurants, beer garden, bistros and cafes. Try the Paderborner Landbrot or Westfälischer Knochenschinken, for example.

More information
Take a look at the website of the Paderborner Land Route to find out more about the six segments of this route. Here you will find all the sights, nice places to stay, the altitude profile and much more information per stage. You can also download the GPS data of the route here.
Parking Tourist idea Church Abbey Nature reserve-OLD Museum Rune
Paderborner Land

The surprising landscapes of the Paderborner Land are a true paradise for cycling enthusiasts. Here you fly effortlessly over the well-constructed cycle paths while enjoying the most beautiful views. In the cozy cities in this area you can take a well-deserved break to get acquainted with the delicious regional cuisine.

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# Description Distance
Volksbank Tiefgarage (Grube, 33098, Paderborn, North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany) 0.00 km
Burchtruïne en Lippebron (Lange Straße, 33175, Bad Lippspringe, Noord-Rijnland-Westfalen, Duitsland) 17.83 km
Klooster Dalheim (Am Kloster, 33165, Lichtenau, Noord-Rijnland-Westfalen, Duitsland) 71.38 km
Aabach Dam (Bleiwäscher Straße, 33181, Bad Wünnenberg, Noord-Rijnland-Westfalen, Duitsland) 100.66 km
Jezuïtenkerk Büren (Niedernpforte, 33142, Büren, Noord-Rijnland-Westfalen, Duitsland) 126.63 km
Kreismuseum Wewelsburg (Knick, 33142, Büren, Noord-Rijnland-Westfalen, Duitsland) 138.60 km

Place name directory

  • Paderborn, North Rhine-Westphalia
  • Paderborn, Noordrijn-Westfalen
  • Bad Lippspringe, Noord-Rijnland-Westfalen
  • Bad Lippspringe, Noordrijn-Westfalen
  • Altenbeken, Noord-Rijnland-Westfalen
  • Altenbeken, Noordrijn-Westfalen
  • Bad Driburg, Noord-Rijnland-Westfalen
  • Lichtenau, Noordrijn-Westfalen
  • Lichtenau, Noord-Rijnland-Westfalen
  • Bad Wünnenberg, Noordrijn-Westfalen
  • Bad Wünnenberg, Noord-Rijnland-Westfalen
  • Büren, Noordrijn-Westfalen
  • Büren, Noord-Rijnland-Westfalen
  • Salzkotten, Noordrijn-Westfalen
  • Borchen, Noordrijn-Westfalen
  • Salzkotten, Noord-Rijnland-Westfalen
  • Delbrück, Noordrijn-Westfalen
  • Delbrück, Noord-Rijnland-Westfalen
  • Verl, Noordrijn-Westfalen
  • Hövelhof, Noordrijn-Westfalen
  • Schloß Holte-Stukenbrock, Noordrijn-Westfalen
  • Hövelhof, Noord-Rijnland-Westfalen
  • Paderborn, Noord-Rijnland-Westfalen
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