Walking in the castle landscape of Bulskampveld

Beernem - Flanders - Belgium

Hiking route 558050

Provided by: Brugse Ommeland

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13.41 km
762 kcal
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This walk takes you through the Bulskampveld Landscape Park, a beautiful area full of forests and country roads. Along the way you will pass several ancient castles and historic farms that are worth seeing. Get on the road quickly and enjoy this combination of natural beauty and historical sights.

Admire historic castles
After a walk of just over half a kilometer you will arrive at the first Castle and Visitor Center. Here you can take a look at the herb garden or the bird sanctuary, but you can also visit the nature and regional visitors center that is located in the renovated castle on this spot. Then you walk further where you walk a bit on a club path. This is a wooden path that has been built in a swampy area or in a vulnerable nature reserve, so that you can walk there without problems. These types of trails go back to Roman times. This way of protecting nature areas has therefore been used for a long time.

Blauwhuis Castle
A little further you can admire the Castle Blauwhuis from the 16th century. The castle is not accessible. You also walk through the Vagevuurbossen, a forest area of 220 hectares. You will find a wonderful variety of flora and fauna here.

The Pointers
Another point of interest on this route is De Aanwijsputten. These are some historic ponds in the middle of the Bulskampveld forests. In the past, field ponds were often created in nature reserves to breed carp. Most of the ponds in this area disappeared during the reclamation of heathlands at the beginning of the 19th century. You will now find about twenty large and small ponds here.

Want to know more about the background of this region before you explore the route yourself? Then take a look at the inspiration page about the Brugse Ommeland .
Brugse Ommeland

Around the bustling city of Bruges you will find the Bruges Ommeland. This green region is perfect for cycling and hiking through the woods, nature reserves, polders and other beautiful landscapes. By the way, don't forget to take a look at the historic castles and other ancient buildings. Feast your eyes in the Bruges Woodland!

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