Hiking in Aalter, Flanders, Belgium

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Going for a bike ride to recharge the proverbial battery? Come to the Achterhoek, you will cycle through a wonderfully quiet bocage landscape of meandering streams, hedgerows and forests. The route also takes you through Groenlo, Eibergen and Winterswijk.

Zwillbrocker Venn
Just across the border you pass through one of the oldest nature reserves in Germany: the Zwillbrocker Venn. This roughened swamp is a remnant of a large raised moor area that once extended far into the Achterhoek. Remarkable: the Venn is the northernmost breeding area for flamingos in Europe, you can spot them between March and June. In the hamlet of Zwillbrock is the St. Francis Church from 1720. It is the best preserved Baroque church in Münsterland.

largest boulder
The largest boulders in the Netherlands are not located in Drenthe, but surprisingly enough in the Achterhoek. In Meddo, a copy of 38,000 kilograms can be found at the canteen of the local football club. The boulder near the old town hall of Winterswijk, which was also found in Meddo, is the largest in the Netherlands: it weighs just under 43,000 kilos. You will also pass some centuries-old Saxon farms. For example in Olden Eibergen, a hamlet that is divided in two by the river Berkel.

Historic Groenlo
Groenlo was a fortified city for centuries. Although most of the fortifications have been demolished, you can still see the Mussenberg stronghold (also known as the Kanonswal or the Noorderbastion). On this stronghold is the cannon that Frederik Hendrik donated to Groenlo in 1627 after his victory in the battle for the city. In 2008 ten replicas of cannons were placed along the Groenlo canals. In the center are a number of places of interest, such as the Oude Calixtus Church, which was built between 1275 and 1520. On the outside of the church, two skulls have been bricked in to point out to churchgoers that earthly life is finite. Just outside Groenlo you will cycle past AVOG\\\'s (Achterhoekse Plane Wreck Excavators Group) Crash Museum, a tribute to the Allied airmen of the Second World War. The permanent exhibition gives a picture of the technical side of the battle in the air during this war.

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Lotenhullestraat, Aalter, Flanders, Belgium 0.00 km
Lotenhullestraat, Aalter, Flanders, Belgium 9.29 km

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