Views of the Frisian Lakes

Súdwest-Fryslân - Friesland - The Netherlands

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83.54 km
1472 kcal
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Your cycling route starts with an overnight stay at Camping Heeres. This route takes you along some of the Frisian Lakes between Sneek and Joure, such as the Sneekermeer, Goëngarijpsterpoelen and Langweerderwiel. Lovers of pleasure yachts or skûtsjes will be amazed here. On the banks you will see waving reeds, in the meadows and on the water you can spot many birds, such as black-tailed godwits and lapwings. In winter, tens of thousands of geese reside here. There are several ancient villages in the wide landscape. In Broek, Akmarijp and Goingagijp you can still admire Frisian bell chairs near the churches. Joure is known as the town where Egbert Douwes started a shop selling colonial goods as coffee in 1753. In 1780 father Douwes transferred the company to his son: Douwe Egberts.

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