Vijfheerenlanden - Utrecht - The Netherlands

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32.32 km
569 kcal
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The cycling route starts at TOP Vianen-Ponthoeve and takes you through the historic center of Vianen and the rural area of the Vijfheerenlanden. In the Middle Ages, five gentlemen ruled here. The landscape from that time can still be recognized. Within high dikes lies a mosaic of floodplains, orchards, pilot whale plots and endless meadows
Vianen was a Free City in the Middle Ages; a place with its own rules and a refuge for 'strangers with money'. The route leads along the Voorstraat, including the historic town hall and the Stedelijk Museum Vianen, in which the VVV is located.

Tip 1: Pancake farm De Ponthoeve
From the restaurant of pancake farm De Ponthoeve you have a beautiful view over the river and the floodplains. You can also take a look at the farm with cows on the farm.
Address: Buitenstad 69, Vianen Phone: 0347 - 37 16 27 Internet:

Tip 2: Historic center of Vianen
In the historic city center of Vianen you will find references everywhere to the rich history of Vianen, such as the street pattern, the city walls, the old town hall (1425), the striking Lekpoort (15th century) and the unique tomb of Reinout III van Brederode, lord of Vianen, in the Grote Kerk (1542). And you will also find nice shops and cozy restaurants.

Tip 4: Van Rossum cheese farm
Cheese farm van Rossum is a dairy farm with cheese factory and farm shop. In the shop you will find delicious cheeses and many other local products. In addition to farm cheese according to centuries old recipe, you will also find new flavors, such as fenugreek, pesto and nettle cheese. Address: Helsdingse Achterweg 20, Vianen Phone: 0347 - 37 15 80 Internet:

Tip 5: Ameide
The town of Ameide, located on the Lek, belongs to the municipality of Zederik, with Tienhoven, Hei- en Boeicop, Leerbroek, Lexmond, Meerkerk and Nieuwland. Ameide has numerous monumental buildings, including the Town Hall from 1644 and the sixteenth-century NH Church, with a late Romanesque tower.
The horse market has taken place every year since 1657 on the second Thursday in October.

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