Around Tilburg 8: OZO (Moergestel, Heilige Eik, Haghorst, Trappists)

Tilburg - North Brabant - The Netherlands

Cycling route 295304

Provided by: Boudewijn Waijers, Utrecht (NL)

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42.51 km
749 kcal
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The route starts and ends at Tilburg station.

First we follow the railway in an easterly direction, but after we have crossed the Ringbaan Oost with a viaduct, we descend towards the Wilhelmina Canal. We cross the bridge to café-restaurant Zomerlust. A few hundred meters further you will see a work of art on your right, which marks the place where the Moerenburg farm once stood.

We continue and meander under the highways. We make a sharp turn back, follow the spruce road for a while, between Gal giving, Keelven and Schaapsven. At the built-up area of Moergestel we turn left, until a Maria chapel , where we drive back along the Putven towards Moergestel.

Before we arrive in Moergestel, we turn left again, towards café-restaurant Het Stokske , where there is also a playground for the children. Here we turn right towards the hamlet and café Heiligenboom , where we turn left in the direction of Oirschot. Here we follow the former main road from Tilburg to Eindhoven, where trucks used to drive from Rotterdam to the Ruhr area. Keep following this road until Spoordonk.

In Spoordonk you cross the Beerze. Here you will find an old water mill , now converted into a café-restaurant. On the other side of Spoordonk, turn right, through Lubberstraat, where you cross the highway to Eindhoven. Here you will find yourself in a little-known, old part of Brabant: at the sacred oak of Spoordonk, where justice was already ruled hundreds of years ago.

Go a little further, cross the Wilhelminakanaal, and follow this towards Tilburg until you reach the Haghorst locks . With any luck, a ship will be articulated here. In Haghorst there are a few café-restaurants where you can have something to eat. Here we cross the canal again and drive to junction 4, in Den Storage. The road winds further to junction 10, in Broekzijde. Here you will find a charging point and De Reuselhoeve , where you will find all kinds of activities for children and adults.

Via the hamlets of Zelt and Vinkenberg we arrive at Moergestel again. This time we do go into the village, past the mill , to the central village square with the church and various café-restaurants. There are also a few cafes further down in the village. We leave the village on the west side, where we drive back through the woods in the direction of Tilburg.

On this road you will first pass a crucifix; then you will find the abbey of Koningshoeven on your left. Here, the Trappists give daily guided tours through the old brewery, there is a souvenir shop, and of course you can also buy beer. You will also find a tasting room, where you can taste the different types of beer, but where you can also eat or drink something else. You can also attend mass here on Sundays. At the abbey is also De Schaapskooi , where the monks get milk and wool.

We continue to Tilburg where we drive over the Wilhelmina Canal and over the Piushaven to the Sint-Josefstraat. The regional archive is located on this street. Finally, past pop temple 013 we drive to the Heuvel, one of the old Franconian triangles from which Tilburg originated, and nowadays the central square of the city, where the Heuvelstraat, the main shopping street of the city, also begins. The Heuvelse or Sint-Josefkerk is also located here . We are now almost back at the end of our route: Tilburg station.


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