Around Tilburg 7: East (Oisterwijkse Vennen, Campina Heide)

Tilburg - North Brabant - The Netherlands

Cycling route 295303

Provided by: Boudewijn Waijers, Utrecht (NL)

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The route starts and ends at Tilburg station. It contains a few unpaved but easily accessible parts. These are to be avoided; this makes the route shorter.

From the station we drive in an easterly direction, following the railway to Eindhoven. Here you are driving on one of the oldest cycle paths in the Netherlands, originally leading from Tilburg University in the west to the border of the built-up area of Oisterwijk in the east. & Nbsp; The cycle path is now continuing: follow it along the Voorste Stroom to the center of Oisterwijk, at junction 16.

You are now at the beginning of De Lind , the vibrant heart of Oisterwijk. Here are numerous shops and catering establishments. We cross De Lind and pass Oisterwijk station , the tourist information office and a war memorial, before returning to the other end of De Lind. Here you will find the Johanneskerk , a kiosk and the town hall .

Continuing our way we pass another war memorial. After crossing the Voorste and Achterste Stroom you will come to a deer park . Here you turn left. There are many recreational opportunities on the Vennelaan, including a Piet Pleasure , a mini golf course and a playground .

We turn right here, onto Adervendreef. On your left you will see the Staalbergven , a natural pool. Tu rn the Adervendreef until it deflects to the right. Here you go straight on. This is a dirt road. Follow this for some time and then turn left until you reach a paved road at brasserie De Belvertshoeve , the Scheibaan. Here you turn left. Follow this road to junction 77. If you prefer not to follow unpaved roads, you can also continue straight ahead at Piet Pleasure until you reach junction 77.

From junction 77 follow the Posthoornseweg towards junction 88. You will pass an information panel. From junction 88, go via junction 45 to junction 87. This section forms the border between the Oisterwijkse Vennen (right) and the Kampina Heide (left). You will also find many pools on the heath.

From junction 87, follow the Fransbaan towards junctions 86 and 22. This is where the pancake house De Discovery is located. We continue to junctions 85 (in the hamlet of Heikant) and 79. Here you take a narrow cycle path towards café Boshuis Venkraai . Just before the café you will find the Groot Kolkven on your left.

We continue our way past a pottery to restaurant Kleijn Speijk , after which we drive back south to restaurant Groot Speijk . This is also where the visitor center for the Oisterwijkse Vennen is located. In the woods to your right is the grounds of Stichting De Hondsberg for children with mild intellectual disabilities.

You drive to junction 14, and from there you take the road to Moergestel . Just before you reach the built-up area, you will see a Maria chapel on your left. Shortly afterwards, turn right onto the Heukelomsebaan. After a few kilometers you will pass the old café Mie Pieters . From here you follow Baaneind, Oisterwijkse Baan and Zandeind, driving underneath a viaduct twice.

Via the hamlet of Moerenburg and café Zomerlust you finally cross the Wilhelminakanaal back into the built-up area of Tilburg. Here the route takes us past the completely renovated Piushaven with marina De Werf and several nice new restaurants.

Past the palace-town hall of Tilburg, the Heikese Church , the chapel of Onze Lieve Vrouwe ter Nood , the tourist office and the Hiroshima monument , you will finally return to Tilburg station.
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