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Cycling in Tholen, Zeeland, The Netherlands

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This fresh cross-province route goes through surprisingly varied landscape. It is located right on the Oosterschelde National Park. This is the largest and wettest National Park in the Netherlands. After the implementation of the Delta Plan, the Oosterschelde was cut off from the rivers by the Philips and Oesterdams, and the influence of the sea can be better regulated. 

As a result, the Oosterschelde has become a calm estuary with a more or less uniform salinity. The water is exceptionally clear. Large sea creatures such as the seal and the porpoise are regular guests in the Oosterschelde. Cycling along the Oosterschelde it is wonderful to dismount and gaze into the distance. Who knows if you'll spot something! In Scherpenisse, the corn mill De Korenbloem and the water tower are real eye-catchers as they protrude above the buildings in the low polder land. The smaller Zeeland island of Tholen is beautifully authentic and has not yet been discovered as much by mass tourism as other islands. The typical polder roads are wonderful for cycling and the view of the characteristic flower dikes is delightful. Cut flower cultivation occupies an important place on the island. You will undoubtedly cycle past various colorful flower fields, although it depends on the season and whether they have just been harvested, how beautiful they are.

You leave the island of Tholen via the Tholense bridge, a white arch bridge that connects the island to the mainland. You first cycle through the Auvergnepolder, west of Halsteren, which was built on the mudflats of the Scheldt-Rhine Canal. Then you should quickly see the Brabantse Wal, also referred to as Zoom. It is a striking elevation in the landscape that runs from Ossendrecht to Halsteren. The Brabantse Wal is a so-called steep edge, an abrupt transition from the higher sandy soils to the lower sea clay polders. The steep edge was probably created by erosion by the river Scheldt and by the sea. 

It reaches heights of about 20 meters above NAP. Halsteren probably arose because its location on the steep edge offered both a safe harbor against flooding and direct access to the fertile sea clay soils. Once you have passed through Halsteren, you will cycle along the Groote Melanen, a fish-rich lake southeast of Halsteren. Then you come back along the south side of Halsteren and you pass the Sint Antionius mill, where flour is sold in the mill shop. Again via the Tholense bridge, the tour goes back to the Zeeland country. The city of Tholen is nice and historic with an old city center, which is still largely surrounded by ramparts and ramparts.

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# Description Distance
Restaurant SMAEK (Gorishoeksedijk, 4694 PJ, Tholen, Zeeland, The Netherlands) 0.00 km
De Korenbloem (De Korenbloem, 4694EE, Tholen, Zeeland, The Netherlands) 2.28 km
26 (4694CK, Tholen, Zeeland, The Netherlands) 2.90 km
21 (4693PR, Tholen, Zeeland, The Netherlands) 5.95 km
22 (4693PT, Tholen, Zeeland, The Netherlands) 6.74 km
23 (4698PL, Tholen, Zeeland, The Netherlands) 9.61 km

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  • Tholen, Zeeland
  • Bergen op Zoom, North Brabant
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