North Holland, enjoy.

  • The Netherlands
  • North Holland
  • Anna Paulowna
  • 71.26 km (Approximately 04:11 u)
  • Cycling route 183122

North Holland, enjoy.

  • The Netherlands
  • North Holland
  • Anna Paulowna
  • 71.26 km (Approximately 04:11 u)
  • Cycling route 183122
Nowhere has a country been drained as skilfully as in the Netherlands. The polder landscape is therefore regarded as typically Dutch; there are about 4000 of them in the Netherlands. The water level is regulated by polder mills, pumping stations or drainage sluices. Where the water needs to be higher, a fixed, higher water level can be achieved with the help of weirs. In the Anna Paulownapolder, in the town of the same name, the bike tour starts at Cafetaria Ben with a tasty lunch. Of course you also end the tour here with a nice cold beer on the cozy terrace - a wonderful reward after the effort of the tour! Within a kilometer of the cafeteria you will find windmill Leonide. The windmill looks like a traditional sawmill, but it never had a grinding function. In 2002 the tower mill was built to live in. Apart from the top wheel, the mill does not contain any other parts for the drive. Parts of the Leonide are second-hand; the octagon, for example, comes from former polder mill De Zeemeeuw from Uithuizen. Then you cycle to a small meadow mill in Callantsoog. De Zwaan was given its place in 1993 and functions as a landfill for the surrounding nature reserve. The seesaw mill, which has a special appearance with its two blades, is a municipal monument. The upper house of the black polder mill features a coat of arms with the swan, from which the mill takes its name. You cross the bulb fields, on your way to the next sight. One bulb field is even more colorful and fragrant than the next. All shades of red, purple, pink, white, yellow and orange create a great picture here from spring to autumn. Crocuses, tulips, daffodils and hyacinths can be found in the first months of the warm seasons, while gladioli, dahlias, carnations and asters provide a second sea of color in late summer. On the dike you come across the Lighthouse of Julianadorp: the Groote Kaap. The tower was completed in 1966 and is 16.8 meters high. In 1985 the tower was replaced for the current one. The fire red color of the tower contrasts brightly with the blue sky. The light house is painted white. The last sight of the bike tour is the Lange Jaap lighthouse in Den Helder. It is the highest lighthouse in the Netherlands (63.45 m) and even the highest cast iron tower in Europe. In 1877 the construction of the red tower started and on April 1, 1878 the ignition of the light was a fact. If you look at the tower at sea, you can still see it shine from a distance of 54 kilometers.


# Description Distance
Cafetaria Ben (1761 BC, Anna Paulowna, North Holland, The Netherlands) 0.00 km
15 (Kerkweg, 1761JD, Anna Paulowna, North Holland, The Netherlands) 0.46 km
Leonide (Leonide, 1761BH, Anna Paulowna, North Holland, The Netherlands) 0.82 km
14 (1757PL, Schagen, North Holland, The Netherlands) 4.57 km
34 (1751LN, Schagen, North Holland, The Netherlands) 7.55 km
36 (1768BZ, Schagen, North Holland, The Netherlands) 12.27 km



1761BH Anna Paulowna

Molen Leonide is an octagonal tower mill that was built in 2002. The mill looks like a traditional sawmill, but the mill never had a real mill function.

Regionaal Museum 1940-1945

Regionaal museum 1940-1945 4
1741 CA Schagen

The Regional Museum 1940-1945 is located in the eastern castle tower of Schagen Castle, right in the center of this cozy town. Numerous objects from the period 1940-1945 can be seen in the museum. If the visitors so wish, they will be shown around by an enthusiastic guide who has an interesting story for each object, but you can also take a look at the museum independently. The museum is open on 5 May and during the summer on the so-called West Frisian Thursdays in July and August. Check out the museum's website for more information.

Boerderij- en Rijtuigmuseum Vreeburg

Boerderij- en Rijtuigmuseum Vreeburg 14
1741 BP Schagen

This 17th century city farm has been completely restored in the old style and furnished with authentic furniture and utensils. There are also toys and the West Frisian hood with jewelry on display. Old farming tools are set up on the dars and in the stable. Changing exhibitions can be seen on the top floor. The carriage museum has a large collection of play wagons, carriages, tilbys and carriages from around 1900 with miniature carriages. In short, there is plenty to see here. With a video film and presentation columns, further explanation is given about this. Open: April to October from Wednesday to Saturday from 1.30 pm to 4.30 pm. Also on Sundays in July and August. West Frisian Thursdays from 9.30 am. Guided tours daily on request.


1759JB Schagen

The pride of the Netherlands can be found in Keukenhof and Noordwijkerhout and the Bollenstreek; the name says it all! Renowned all over the world, the bulb fields attract hundreds of thousands of tourists every year. A must see if you are in the area.

Groote Kaap

Grote Kaap
1787 PR Schagen

Until 1985, a low light and a high light together formed the Zanddijk light line at this spot near Julianadorp. The Kleine Kaap has now been demolished; the bright red, steel Groote Kaap is still there.

Lange Jaap

1789AB Den Helder

When De Lange Jaap lighthouse was built in 1877, it was the tallest lighthouse in Europe. Today it is still the tallest cast iron tower in Europe. It is built on 294 piles.

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