Dolmen and burial mound route

Cycling in Aa en Hunze, Drenthe, The Netherlands

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Provided by: Groots Genieten

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There is beautiful green nature within a range of only a few kilometers: De Strubben and the Kniphorstbos form part of the Natura 2000 area and National Park De Drentsche Aa, the only archaeological reserve in the Netherlands. The name of the area refers to the'stubbly\\\' oaks that grow there and to the man who cultivated the moors that first formed nature here. In the archaeological reserve you will still find various traces from prehistoric times, such as dolmens and dozens of burial mounds. Historical highlights are formed by the dolmens, which you will find a lot in this area. Dolmen D08 and dolmen D09 are the first to be seen between the burial mounds. D08 is a beautiful specimen and four capstones still rest nicely on eight keystones. One gate stone is still present. Where once a second lay can be seen through the marking of a cement impression. D09 is incomplete and stands next to a busy road. The monument is lost in the built-up area. It was regularly used disrespectfully as a disguised bicycle shed, which is the reason for putting up a prohibition sign and bicycle rack. Hunebed D07 is located between the burial mounds in the De Strubben area. It is a medium-sized dolmen, where all four capstones are still present. One of them, however, is broken and partly lies in the burial vault. Dolmen D10 is not quite complete anymore. Two of the four capstones still rest on the seven side and two keystones. The hunebed is fenced, because a herd of sheep grazes in the hilly forest and heath area. At the hunebed is a column on which you can find some more information. Dolmen D12 is one of the smaller dolmens that have been found. It is located on an ash near Eext. When you want to view the portal tomb, you have to follow a dirt path, which turns into grass. D12 was examined in 1918 by the well-known archaeologist Albert van Giffen. Two kilometers further you pass a huge hill, in which the small dolmen D13 is hidden. This gives the stone grave a fairly unique appearance. The entrance to this dolmen is clearly visible. When this dolmen was investigated a hundred years ago, the capstone was missing. This was added later. What makes this dolmen even more special are the finds that have been excavated here in the past. For example, pots have been found containing burnt bones. The last dolmen that you can go and see is very recognizable, because it is very large and still quite complete. The stones are so gigantic that you wonder how they ever managed to put them on top of each other using only stones and wooden tools.
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# Description Distance
50 (Oude Groningerweg, 9461BP, Aa en Hunze, Drenthe, The Netherlands) 0.00 km
59 (Vijzelweg, 9463TM, Aa en Hunze, Drenthe, The Netherlands) 1.50 km
27 (9463 TB, Aa en Hunze, Drenthe, The Netherlands) 3.51 km
90 (9468CL, Aa en Hunze, Drenthe, The Netherlands) 8.38 km
Hunebed D09 (9468EM, Aa en Hunze, Drenthe, The Netherlands) 9.90 km
98 (9468GV, Aa en Hunze, Drenthe, The Netherlands) 10.76 km

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  • Aa en Hunze, Drenthe
  • Drenthe
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