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Cycling in Schiermonnikoog, Friesland, The Netherlands

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Provided by: Vereniging Natuurmonumenten

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228 kcal
11 m
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Drive out of the village via the Reeweg on the south side. Drive straight on to the dike in the polder. Here you turn right. Turn sharply to the left to a stone monument on the dike. From the Bank van Banck you have a beautiful view of the Wadden Sea. at low tide there are many birds. The wide dike is full of flowers in April-June. Striking is the blue broad honorary prize. Turn around again and follow the cycle path (Minne Onnespad) along the Westerplas. You can visit the bird hide (first path on the right). After a sharp descent you will find the beach crossing Westerduinenweg on the left. The beach here is covered with salt-loving plants. The pink milkweed blooms in June and the lilac sea aster in August. In puddles there are often shelducks, white goose-like ducks that search here for minuscule mud snails. Closer to the sea you will see many wading birds, such as silver plover and sandpiper. Go back to the bike and follow the shell path. Turn left against a green dike into the Westerduinenpad. Ignore shell paths to the right. The path meanders through a beautiful varied dune landscape. Hawthorns bloom everywhere in May, and dog roses in June. It is an Eldorado for songbirds. Warbler and fitis sing everywhere. The Westerduinenpad ends on a clinker road. Turn left here until you reach the bicycle shed at the lighthouse. From the lighthouse dune you have a beautiful view over the beach. Seals often lie on the sandbank off the coast. you can just walk down. The dune valley at the foot of the lighthouse is one of the most beautiful on the island. Go down the brick road again. On the Badweg you turn left to Strandhotel Noderstraun. Seals can often be seen from here as well. There are also cormorants and eiders on the sandbank. Turn around, but turn left immediately after Noderstraun. You can quickly return to the beach via the Westerhofpad (turn left). You can also keep right. The beach at Westerhofpad is rich in birds. In winter, many songbirds from the far north (snow bunting, brother and sand lark) search for seeds. Oystercatchers and curlews are often found in the shallow water. In the spring this is a good place for migratory terns. Go back to the beginning of the Westerhofpad and turn left at the intersection. The Kapenglop is on the right. When there was no lighthouse on the island, a fire was burned here at night. Now it is one of the few places on the island where you can still see the 'white top of the dunes'. Keep left on the three-fork. The next three-fork at the end of the forest is the beach crossing Jacobspad on the left. The influence of the sandbank here is less than on the Westerstrand. The beach is therefore less muddy. It consists of sand and more shells wash up on it. The green beach is also different here. Because of fresh seepage water there is a lot of reed and in some places you can even find orchids. Follow the edge of the forest and keep to the left. The path meanders through birch groves and open dunes. Ultimately it ends up on a concrete path. keep left. Here is the Schleidorp, a collection of German bunkers from the Second World War. One of these bunkers has been set up as a museum (Bunkermuseum Schlei). When it is open it is well worth a visit. The beach crossing to the Badstrand is on the left. Here is a beautiful sandy beach. The green beach is most beautiful here in July, when the candy-pink centaury is in bloom. Follow the Prins Bernhardweg in the direction of the village. On the left there are a few nice vistas to dune valleys. The dune pearl moth is still common here in June. The shoulders of the road are most beautiful in June and July. There are then various tall yellow plants (stable candle, royal card and evening primrose) and the blue-purple serpentine. The Wassermann bunker is on the left. Park the bicycle at the parking facility and walk upstairs. Here you have a beautiful view over the island in clear weather. Birds of prey often fly around here, such as buzzard and marsh harrier. North of the bunker lies a colony of gulls in the bare dunes. Go into the shell path opposite the bunker (Cornelis Visserpad). This meanders via the Berkenplas through the forest and dunes to the village. The bare dunes after the Berkenplas are, at about a thousand years old, the oldest dunes on the island. Mainly mosses grow there. There is too little food in the soil for trees. Go straight on at the intersection. The ice rink is on the left. Turn left on the three-fork. The field at the ice rink is a sea of flowers in May and June. The large flowers of the yellow iris are on the opposite side in May. In June, many reed orchids bloom in the meadow. In September and October, the mushrooms took over. Many special species can be found at the Ice Rink. Turn left on the Badweg. You are now driving back to the village. Special Schiermonnikoog and Wadden books, delicious island delicacies and more at
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# Description Distance
9166PX, Schiermonnikoog, Friesland, The Netherlands 0.00 km
Bank van Banck (Melle Grietjespad, 9166LT, Schiermonnikoog, Friesland, The Netherlands) 0.96 km
Bunkermuseum Schlei (Prins Bernhardweg, 9166 SH, Schiermonnikoog, Friesland, The Netherlands) 8.38 km
Bunker “Wassermann” (Wassermann, 9166SC, Schiermonnikoog, Friesland, The Netherlands) 9.78 km
9166PX, Schiermonnikoog, Friesland, The Netherlands 12.98 km

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  • Schiermonnikoog, Friesland


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