Soest, Eemdijk and Huizen

Cycling in Soest, Utrecht, The Netherlands

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56.5 km
03:19 h
996 kcal
19 m
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As part of Boswachterij De Vuursche, you can expect a beautiful old-fashioned landscape in the De Stulp sub-area. Staatsbosbeheer tries to restore nature here to its original state, resulting in an open and closed area. A moorland of 59 hectares is surrounded by beautiful forests, which are always a mixture between deciduous and coniferous trees. Various plants grow on the bottom, making the sea of trees feel like a primeval forest. There is sufficient water available, which attracts many animals. Roe deer eat the young leaves of the bushes and the squirrel stocks up in the woods. Badgers and foxes hunt small prey. The buzzard, tree beam, tree piper, woodlark, robin stonewagon, gray shrike, crow and royal raven rule the treetops and the waters of the frizzy lake are dominated by grebes and little grebes, while the viviparous lizard scurry around the shore. The beautiful places near the nature reserve are fun to explore. Laren, among others, where you cycle to via Eemdijk and Blaricum, is expanding rapidly. The town is named after a'laar\\\'; an open space in the forest and that is a place that appeals to the imagination. It is therefore not surprising that Laren is one of the oldest inhabited places in the Gooi. The very first people already lived here around 2500 BC and in 1085 the bishop of Utrecht founded the Sint Janskerkhof. Although it was initially a farming village, Laren has grown into a commuter village, where many people who live in Utrecht seek refuge. The route starts at Profile Soest. Here you get a 10 euro discount on maintenance and repairs with your bicycle discount card, so this is a perfect time to subject your bike to a small service before you start the route or when you get back to the parking lot. When you come near Baarn during the second half of the bike ride, you will see Drakenburg. This was a knightly court town and a castle that was built around the fourteenth century. The castle existed until the early nineteenth century and was inhabited for a long time by its namesake, the Lords of Drakenburg. The castle has been extensively renovated over the years. Nowadays new buildings have been placed within the monumental canal remnants. It contains a remnant of the old coach house.
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# Description Distance
Profile Soest (Koningsweg, 3762 EC, Soest, Utrecht, The Netherlands) 0.00 km
68 (3762BN, Soest, Utrecht, The Netherlands) 1.84 km
69 (3768EW, Soest, Utrecht, The Netherlands) 3.07 km
70 (3764CR, Soest, Utrecht, The Netherlands) 3.81 km
71 (3764DE, Soest, Utrecht, The Netherlands) 4.05 km
87 (3828PL, Amersfoort, Utrecht, The Netherlands) 6.27 km

Place name directory

  • Soest, Utrecht
  • Amersfoort, Utrecht
  • Baarn, Utrecht
  • Bunschoten, Utrecht
  • Eemnes, Utrecht
  • Blaricum, North Holland
  • Laren, Utrecht
  • Laren, North Holland
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