Etten-Leur, Terheijden and Zevenbergen

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The village of Terheijden arose in the Middle Ages on a sandy ridge that lay parallel to the river Mark. Much peat was extracted in the area, but for centuries the village remained small; until 1960 it was virtually no more than a street. After that, residential areas quickly emerged along that main road, but all major amenities, such as churches and shops, continued to be concentrated along the street. The location of Terheijden on the river and close to Breda has meant that much has been fought in history. Against the tide of the water, but there were also skirmishes because Breda played an important role in the defense and protection of Holland during the Eighty Years' War. The Grote and the Kleine Schans remind us of this. The surroundings of the redoubts have been designed as a nature and recreation area.

The route leads you to De Korenmolen (hull/remainder) in Etten-Leur. The mill was built in 1849 and was originally a wind powered scaffolding mill. In 1915, lightning struck the mill and a fire broke out that largely destroyed De Korenmolen. The mill was repaired in 1917, but in 1921 the blades blew off. Despite the fact that the mill was restored, it was dismantled in 1929. In 2009 the remaining mill hull was placed on the National Monuments List. It has been serving as a storage facility for a pet store for many years.
Another mill that history has lost its grip on is De Lelie. This round stone scaffolding mill is still in regular operation; a group of fanatic volunteers still produces real artisan flour here. De Lelie from 1804 originally served not only as a flour mill, but also as a bark mill and burned down in 1937. For those curious about the products produced by the mill, the mill is usually open on Saturdays.

The third mill that you will visit in Etten-Leur is the Zwartenberg mill. This relatively young polder mill from 1889 replaces a mill from 1721 that burned down in 1988. The round stone ground sailor drains the De Haagsche Beemden polder on a voluntary basis and then moves 80 cubic meters of water per minute.
Then you set course for De Kleine Schans in Terheijden. The location of Terheijden, close to the Belgian border and situated parallel on a sandy ridge to the river Mark, makes it a great attraction for Spanish troops and soldiers of the state in the Eighty Years' War. The Kleine Schans is a remnant from this time and was built by the Spaniards in 1590. In 1637 the States troops gave the fortress its current shape and used it as a protection work for shipping on the Mark and the connection of Breda and Moerdijk. The redoubt was demolished after the Eighty Years' War in 1680, but in 1830 a new fortress was built on the same spot to serve as a fortress during the Belgian War of Secession.

In Terheijden you will also find tower mill De Arend near the Kleine Schans. In 1742 the noble family Nassau-Siegen from Breda ordered the construction of the flour mill. The mill was rebuilt in 1756 after it went up in flames. The mill contains three pairs of grinding stones, which are still used professionally to grind grain. If you want to visit the mill, you can do so from Tuesday to Saturday during the opening hours of the mill shop.

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# Description Distance
78 (North Brabant, The Netherlands) 0.00 km
4 (4877LA, Etten-Leur, North Brabant, The Netherlands) 1.38 km
61 (4874JP, Etten-Leur, North Brabant, The Netherlands) 2.66 km
De Korenmolen (romp/restant) (4871XD, Etten-Leur, North Brabant, The Netherlands) 4.64 km
7 (Lange Brugstraat, 4871CL, Etten-Leur, North Brabant, The Netherlands) 5.29 km
De Lelie (De Lelie, 4871CJ, Etten-Leur, North Brabant, The Netherlands) 5.78 km

Place name directory

  • North Brabant
  • Etten-Leur, North Brabant
  • Breda, North Brabant
  • Drimmelen, North Brabant
  • Moerdijk, North Brabant
  • Halderberge, North Brabant


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