Hierden, Doornspijk and Nunspeet

Harderwijk - Gelderland - The Netherlands

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It is wonderfully quiet cycling in the protected nature park De Veluwe. With an area of more than 91,200 hectares, it will not surprise you that this is the largest lowland terrain in Europe. The Doornspijkse Heide and Boswachterij Nunspeet are areas in this enormous park. Spruce and jagged oaks wave in the wind along sloping paths. The fragrant heather and rustling forests provide a safe home to many animals. You will find puddles on the wet heather, where the growth of the purple-red sundew paints a pleasant picture. Rhododendrons and other beautiful plants are reflected in the water, where peace seekers come to their heart's content. The bushes are full of birds and if you look closely you can sometimes see root marks from wild boars along the paths. Scourging the trees, they search for shallow pools to use as muddy places. The Randmeren are located on the other side of Nunspeet. Unique plants such as pondweed and garland weed, for which a protection zone has even been established, prevent an algal bloom in the shallow waters. Water birds, such as the lesser swan and the pochard, also like these plants. The Veluwe border lakes are such an important habitat for water birds that they have also been assigned a protected zone here. In the waters you used to find bream, but the territory of this fish is occupied by the perch and the roach. The presence of pike and eel is also encouraged. The lakes have an enchanting attraction for all kinds of activities in and around the water: canoeists, swimmers, skaters, sailors, surfers, pleasure craft ... almost every kind of water recreation can be found here. You park your car for free at Teuni 's Thee Tuin. It is the ideal place to reconsider your route while enjoying a cup of coffee or tea with homemade cakes. You have a beautiful panoramic view over the meadows, so that you can eagerly look forward to the other beautiful things that you are about to see. Show your bicycle discount pass at checkout for a 10% discount on your bill. One kilometer from the tea garden is De Essenburgh. Presumably there was a pastor on the site of the castle, but no excavations have ever been done to support the writings that mentioned this. The castle was built by order of Johan Coolwagen. He wanted to gain a place within the Knighthood of Veluwe with this prestigious status symbol, but when this failed, he had to sell the castle to his creditors. The Essenburgh then saw many owners come and go, until eventually the Norbertines took it into use as a monastery. Today, congresses, seminars, company presentations and other events such as weddings are organized in the castle. You cycle further and pass belt mill De Duif, which was built in 1886. Before the ground for the construction of this mill was raised, as is the case with belt mills, there were already two other mills on this site: a post mill that was demolished in 1818 and a mill where lightning struck in 1886. It burned down completely, but a week later construction began on the current mill, which was completed within six weeks. Nowadays a café has been set up at the bottom of the mill. Along the route is also one of the most beautiful country estates of the eighteenth century: Landgoed en Huize Klarenbeek. The estate has a beautiful house, two service buildings, a (former) coach house, surrounded by a large garden in English landscape style. A bridge provides access to the estate, whose house has been given the status of a national monument. You cycle about fifteen kilometers through nature, which will continue to surprise and make you enjoy. Then you arrive at windmill De Maagd in the small village of Hulshorst. This octagonal tower mill dates from 1894. The mill ground corn and was restored as a national monument in 1960, but due to standstill it fell into disrepair afterwards. In 1988 the mill was again thoroughly restored, whereby De Maagd was once again made operational. To prevent the mill from deteriorating again, nowadays 2 pairs of millstones are used to grind grain again professionally. When you return to Teuni 's Tea Garden, you can of course enjoy a nice afterglow here with a small snack. Before you go home, the bicycle benefit pass entitles you to the 10% discount again.
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