Naardermeer and's-Graveland country estates

Cycling in Hilversum, North Holland, The Netherlands

Cycling route 115543

Provided by: Groots Genieten

5609 199
34.6 km
02:02 h
609 kcal
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The Naardermeer is located in a nature reserve that is nationally and internationally protected. It is even the first area in the Netherlands to be protected and promoted by Natuurmonumenten. The wetland area, covered by swamp forests and swampy meadows with shallow pools in between, is home to many rare animals and plants. Among other things, the special swamp cartel leaf, swamp wasp orchid, green bulbous orchid, peat sweet grass and the fragrant grass orgisc grow and bloom in this area. About 75 forest and swamp birds find a quiet area to breed here. The great egret, the crowned duck, kingfisher and reed warbler are just a few examples of birds that find their food in and around the puddles. Other populations of animal species, amphibians and mammals, also thrive around the Naardermeer. Six species of meat mice flutter around as soon as dusk falls, but other small mammals such as moles, mice, hedgehogs, voles, rabbits and hares scurry through the moist soil. Roe deer and foxes are no exception and hide among the dense vegetation, while more than 500 species of aquatic invertebrates (flatworms, bristle worms, crustaceans, water mites, water and surface bugs, dragonfly and mosquito larvae, water beetles and water snails) in the pools provide a healthy water management. In Visitor Center Gooi en Vechtstreek you will learn more about the Naardermeer, but also about the country estates in the Vechtstreek. The varied environment and all the sights are beautifully presented using a large scale model. Gooi en Vechtstreek offers you a glimpse into the history of the landscape and teaches you about the current situation in a playful and contemporary way.
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# Description Distance
Ankeveensepad, 1243HZ, Hilversum, North Holland, The Netherlands 0.00 km
8 (Noordereinde, 1243JV, Wijdemeren, Noord-Holland, Nederland) 0.59 km
9 ('s-Graveland, Noord-Holland, Nederland) 1.76 km
74 (Beresteinseweg, 1243LC, Wijdemeren, Noord-Holland, Nederland) 3.58 km
12 (Zuidereinde, 1216SN, Hilversum, Noord-Holland, Nederland) 4.29 km
11 ('t Rondje van Six, 1217TN, Wijdemeren, Noord-Holland, Nederland) 7.50 km

Place name directory

  • Hilversum, North Holland
  • Wijdemeren, Noord-Holland
  • 's-Graveland, Noord-Holland
  • Hilversum, Noord-Holland
  • Gooise Meren, Noord-Holland
  • Weesp, Noord-Holland
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