Around the woods of Boerskotten

Bad Bentheim - Lower Saxony - Germany

Cycling route 115150

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51.40 km
906 kcal
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Discover the Boerskotten forest area, a beautiful natural forest with small meadows, hedgerows and fields with herbs. Dead trees are left, so that mushrooms, mosses and plants grow on them. Thanks to wildlife tunnels and an ecoduct, the animals are not hindered in their passage through the A1. The Hague forest used to be a production forest, through the work of Natuurmonumenten it has been transformed into a more natural forest with more deciduous trees. There are no fewer than 5 species of woodpeckers! The Lonneker Molen was built in the years 1850-1851 as a belt mill, it is the only Dutch brick mill with a brick hull covered with reed. The Arboretum Poortbulten is laid out in a park-like manner with approximately 2,500 indigenous and exotic trees and shrubs. In Losser, also get off at Restaurant De Oude Apotheek!
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