Brunssummerheide and the surrounding area of Heerlen

Brunssum, Limburg, The Netherlands

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27.8 km
01:38 h
489 kcal
169 m


The Brunssummerheide is a hilly area, covered with heath, forest, fens and peat bogs. Raised peat occurs in the source area; The Brunssummerheide is therefore particularly humid here. If you come in the summer months, you can see many butterflies fluttering in the area. Due to the high moisture content, many amphibians and reptiles also live here: green frogs, grass snakes and sand lizards are no exception. Other animals such as the nightjar and the tree pipit also thrive among plants such as sedge, white-billed rush and club moss.

When you start the cycle route, you cycle from the heart of Heerlen in a northerly direction to the Brunssummerheide. After 11.5 kilometers you will come across the Schaapskooi. In the spring, the adult Schoonebeker sheep graze on the heath, while the lambs frolic around happily. The sheep prevent the heathlands from becoming overgrown by grass, shrubs and forests and therefore have the important task of maintaining the appearance of the area. The sheepfold offers the herd of 400 animals shelter at night, but during the day you can see the sheep in various places in the landscape.

You cross Hoensbroek and then see TerWorm Castle looming on the horizon outside the built-up area. Noble families have lived here since the 14th century. At that time, the castle was white in color and therefore stood out well on the 1,500 hectare estate. The estate promotes culture and nature. Investments have been made in greenery and various interventions have been made to add value to the estate. The current appearance of the complex was created in the 19th century, when the then baron who lived in the complex renovated the castle.

When we return to Heerlen, we find De Oliemolen. This 16th century watermill did not always press oil from oilseeds: its first function was to full wool. In 1829 the mill received a permit for grinding grain and from 1905 that was the only function the mill had. Currently, wheat is milled on a voluntary basis, with the mill being powered by water power.

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# Description Distance
EuroParcs Brunssummerheide (6445 CP, Brunssum, Limburg, The Netherlands) 0.00 km
35 (Heerenweg, 6414AW, Heerlen, Limburg, The Netherlands) 0.52 km
Schaapskooi (6414AT, Heerlen, Limburg, The Netherlands) 1.15 km
76 (6414AL, Heerlen, Limburg, The Netherlands) 1.47 km
53 (6412PT, Heerlen, Limburg, The Netherlands) 8.06 km
Kasteel Ter Worm (Kasteel Terworm, 6411RV, Heerlen, Limburg, The Netherlands) 8.64 km


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