Round trip Ootmarsum, Singraven and Dinkel

Cycling in Losser, Overijssel, The Netherlands

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1029 kcal
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Your route starts at Pannenkoekhoes De Stroper. At junction 11 you follow part of the river Dinkel. This river originates in the German state of North Rhine-Westphalia between the towns of Coesfeld and Ahaus. In the Netherlands, the river enters the country at Losser. The river meanders through Twente to leave the country at Denekamp and flow into the Vechte. This river later re-enters the Netherlands as the Overijsselse Vecht. In Ootmarsum one of the first churches in Twente was built around 770. In 1300 the town received city rights. The emerging industry has passed Ootmarsum, so the center has remained authentic. Your route also leads past Landgoed Egheria, the Borgelinkmolen and Huis Singraven, beautiful places!
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# Description Distance
Pannenkoekhoes De Stroper (7587 ND , Losser, Overijssel, The Netherlands) 0.00 km
Landgoed Egheria (Tichelweg, 7587 MC, de Lutte, Overijssel, Nederland) 1.76 km
56 (Denekamperstraat, 7587MA, Losser, Overijssel, Nederland) 3.90 km
51 (Everloweg, 7596MR, Dinkelland, Overijssel, Nederland) 5.63 km
50 (Volthe, Overijssel, Nederland) 8.14 km
47 (Kanaalweg Z.Z., 7636PP, Dinkelland, Overijssel, Nederland) 10.32 km

Place name directory

  • Losser, Overijssel
  • de Lutte, Overijssel
  • Dinkelland, Overijssel
  • Volthe, Overijssel
  • Tubbergen, Overijssel
  • Denekamp, Overijssel
  • De Lutte, Overijssel
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