Tour Bergumermeer

Cycling in Tytsjerksteradiel, Friesland, The Netherlands

Cycling route 114696

Provided by: Groots Genieten

11288 177
26.8 km
01:34 h
472 kcal
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We start this cycling route in the center of Bergum. Bergum is characterized by the 11th century Kruiskerk and by the'Poppestien\\\' (\\\'Babysteen\\\'), a large boulder that lies in the village and to which some folklore is associated. For example, the stone would help to have children. From junction 62 we cross the Prinses Margrietkanaal towards junction 84. The Prinses Margrietkanaal divides the Bergumermeer into a northern and a southern part. The Bergumermeer is a popular water sports area with several marinas. In the summer you will be amazed during this cycling route. On the way to junction 62 we come across windmill De Hoop. We cycle further in the direction of Oostermeer (in Frisian Eastermar). The Oostermeer area is characterized by a scenic landscape with wooded banks. A stage landscape is a semi-open landscape that, due to the plants and buildings, has the character of a stage with stage sets. A little further we cross the Margriet Canal again in the direction of Noordbergum. Noordbergum belonged to Bergum until 1930, then it became an independent village. At the end of the nineties, the population has certainly increased considerably, making Noordbergum the fourth village of Tytsjerksteradiel , after Bergum, Hardegarijp and Giekerk. From Noordbergum we cycle further in the direction of Bergum. Here we can enjoy the real Frisian delicacies. Friesland is characterized by its many waters and associated ports. Along the way we come across Watersportbedrijf De Lits and also Jachthaven Zwartkruis BV

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# Description Distance
62 (9251BR, Tytsjerksteradiel, Friesland, The Netherlands) 0.00 km
De Hoop (9262NE, Sumar, Friesland, The Netherlands) 2.19 km
83 (Iestwei, 9262VB, Sumar, Friesland, The Netherlands) 4.82 km
82 (9261VC, Tytsjerksteradiel, Friesland, The Netherlands) 7.42 km
Watersportbedrijf De Lits (9261ZB, Tytsjerksteradiel, Friesland, The Netherlands) 9.86 km
79 (Elte Martens Beimastrjitte, 9261VH, Tytsjerksteradiel, Friesland, The Netherlands) 10.51 km

Place name directory

  • Tytsjerksteradiel, Friesland
  • Sumar, Friesland
  • Jistrum, Friesland
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