From Sittard via Sweikhuizen to the Geleenbeek

Sittard - Limburg - The Netherlands

Hiking route 1079705

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527 73
13.29 km
755 kcal
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Walking through South Limburg means: completely relaxing! Moreover, it sometimes seems like you are abroad! The starting point of this route is Buitenplaats De Vief Heringe in Sittard. The country estate is exactly on the border between city and nature: a perfect place to enjoy these two extremes. Enjoy a snack or a drink on the terrace or inside - before or after your walk. Then you can put on your walking shoes for a lovely walk in the Limburg hilly landscape. You walk through the Stammenderbos, a sloping forest on the northern slope of the Geleenbeek valley. A Geleenbeek flows at the foot of the forest. If you want some spice in your walk, you have come to the right place in this hilly landscape.


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