Kroonwerk Coehoorn
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Kroonwerk Coehoorn

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The famous fortress builder Menno van Coehoorn constructed the Kroonwerk Coehoorn around 1700 in the Nederasselt floodplains to defend Grave. There was a moat around the crown work, and a pontoon bridge was built over the Maas. The crownwork replaced older, smaller defenses. Such as the lunette Verloren Cost that the Spaniards built there in 1586, and a hornwork by the Staatsen. During the last century, space had to be created for shipping on the Maas. This caused a lot of damage to the crown work. Fortunately, you can still clearly see the contours of the building: there are shrubs exactly where the crownwork used to be.

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Kleefse Veerstraat
6582 AA Heumen
Gelderland The Netherlands

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