Uitkijktoren Genneperhuis

The Genneperhuis, a castle at the mouth of the Niers in the Maas, used to be located on the site of this watchtower. All that's left of that is a ruin. In 2009 the ruin was somewhat restored and the watchtower was built on the spot where a tower already stood. This tower was even there before the Genneperhuis was built on this spot. There used to be a Roman bridge near the church in Cuijk. The tower offered a view of this bridge. From the tower you have a wide view over the point where the Niers flows into the Maas and in the distance you can see Cuijk, Milsbeek and Ottersum. The tower is easiest to reach from the Bloemenstraat in Milsbeek. From the parking lot you can follow a walking path until you arrive at the ruins of the Genneperhuis. Walk around the ruins and you will automatically end up at the stairs of the watchtower. This staircase is located on the side of the Maas.

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