Tour of historic Heusden

Heusden - North Brabant - The Netherlands

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During this walk you will discover the historic fortified town of Heusden, the Fort at Hedikhuizen and Oudheusden. A route full of history and beautiful viewpoints.

Fortified town of Heusden
The starting point of this route is Minicamping de Reekens. The campsite is located on the edge of the fortified town of Heusden and from the campsite you have a beautiful view of the city walls of the historic town. A perfect base for this walk of almost 15 kilometers through Heusden and Oudheusden. From the campsite you walk along the water - where you have a beautiful view of the outer canal of Heusden. On top of the ramparts you have a beautiful view over the Brabant and Gelderland landscape, the Bergsche Maas and the restored city. You also walk past the windmill Heusden Nr. 1 and past the Museum De Droomspiegel.

Fort near Hedikhuizen
You walk through the village of Herpt and a little further you will find Fort bij Hedikhuizen. The Fort near Hedikhuizen was built in 1862 as part of the Zuider Waterlinie. The lock made it possible to allow water to flow from the Meuse within the dikes in a controlled manner, so that a large area could be flooded to protect the Heusden fortress against an attack.

The last part of the route you walk through Oudheusden, which is located south of Heusden. Oudheusden was originally a settlement on an earlier course of the Maas, later called Oude Maas. Then you walk back to the final destination of this route: Minicamping De Reekens.

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