Dead wire route (4/7) 14 - 18 Baarle - Nassau / Hertog to Hoogerheide

Woensdrecht - North Brabant - The Netherlands

Cycling route 936698

Provided by: W.J.van , Noord-Brabant

200 2
82.11 km
1447 kcal
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The LF Cycling Club also wants to contribute to raise the profile of the Death Wire from 14-18. Especially now that there is also an exhibition in the Achelse Kluis about the big explosion of the German ammunition trains on Hamont station in 1918. According to the ED, almost 30 municipalities are participating in this commemoration of the 350 km long electrical border barrier in those years. The leader of a white crocus trajectory to commemorate the dead wire is the municipality of Maasmechelen, which will plant no fewer than 35,000 crocus bulbs in October 2018 of the 125,000 crocus bulbs in total. When you leave Baarle you turn right and you come across a reconstruction of a link house for FKP 8 on the Grens and at 8 you turn right for a short while via the Zondereigenweg, also cycle back and forth to the border to see the second reconstruction on the border .
After FKP 11 and before 52 one comes to the 3rd reconstruction and after FKP 19 and between FKP 20 one comes across the 4th reconstruction point for viewing. And if you make a detour between FKP 70 and 80 via Kalmthout you will find the 5th point at the turning point there.
For more information, see the website: boundary and for more other routes of the LF Cycling Club, visit:

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