\\\'The Friends of De Kempen\\\' route 3-9 Groote Heide Route, part 2

Cycling in Heeze-Leende, North Brabant, The Netherlands

Cycling route 838926

Provided by: W.J.van , Noord-Brabant

175 2
48.8 km
02:52 h
860 kcal
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This route is offered to you by'The friends of the Brabantse Kempen\\\'.
This route 3-9 goes along some of our members in'De Kempen\\\' and is part of 8 other cycling day trips that go to all our addresses. You can find these in the'Discover Here\\\' booklets that are available free of charge from our participants and the TIP/VVV and Info offices, Parks and Campsites in'De Brabantse Kempen\\\' . The start of this 49 km bike ride is at Hotel Jagershorst, one of the many of'De Vrienden van De Kempen\\\' club. Of course, you can also start anywhere else on the route, because these are cycle tours.
We cross the main road here (be careful!) to take the cycle path into the forest to FKP 54. To go via Leenderstrijp, Soerendonk to Budel and then take a detour via De Bever at the Achelse Kluis to FKP 217 Go, also to see a piece of history of the Doodendraad from 14-18 at FKP 216, but also to be able to pick the Blue Berries yourself in the season, a little further, at De Bever. From FKP 217 we return via Hei en Bos and the free cycle path along the Valkenswaardseweg, to end up at the hotel again via this cycle path. Also try to learn to discover all the addresses from the booklet during the bike rides.

If you wanted more bicycles, see the"LF-Fietsclub\\\" website: www.fietsclubbrabant.nl. Here you will find more fun bike rides to enjoy together in the Brabant Kempen! Did you know that the'Groote Heide\\\' is the largest nature reserve and even larger than the Veluwe. So see also part 1 on route.nl number: 213946
So wish you lots of cycling fun along all these pearls on these routes, view the free'Discover Here\\\' booklet of the'Friends of De Kempen\\\' there you can also find the other routes under the numbers (1)  213885, ( 2 ) 213946, ( 3 ) 838926   ( 4 ) 214005, ( 5 ) 214638, ( 6 ) 767342, ( 7 ) 214710, ( 8 ) 272378, and ( 9 ) 343286
We wish you a lot of cycling fun!
Nature reserve Tourist office Bicycle cafe Restaurant Chapel or cross Windmill Castle Tourist landmark

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# Description Distance
Valkenswaardseweg, 5595XB, Heeze-Leende, North Brabant, The Netherlands 0.00 km
Heimolen (Heimolen, 5595GK, Heeze-Leende, North Brabant, The Netherlands) 2.71 km
Sint Janskapel (Sint-Janskapel, 5595GK, Heeze-Leende, North Brabant, The Netherlands) 3.05 km
54 (5595GH, Heeze-Leende, North Brabant, The Netherlands) 3.60 km
Fietscafé de Hospes (Strijperstraat, 5595 GD, Heeze-Leende, North Brabant, The Netherlands) 3.77 km
Onderduikplek (5595GA, Heeze-Leende, North Brabant, The Netherlands) 4.26 km

Place name directory

  • Heeze-Leende, North Brabant
  • Cranendonck, North Brabant
  • Hamont-Achel, Flanders
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