Zucchini soup cycling along nice stalls in the Westland

Westland, South Holland, The Netherlands

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Provided by: De Hoek van Zuid-Holland

31.4 km
01:50 h
553 kcal
7 m


Take a nice bike ride and collect fresh ingredients for a delicious dinner along the way. This is perfectly possible in the Westland horticultural area with its many glass greenhouses. This route takes you past various places where you can buy all the ingredients for Westland zucchini soup.

From vegetable garden to zucchini nursery
It's time to get on your bike towards the Westlands Museum. Visit this museum and the historic vegetable garden to learn more about the history of horticulture in Westland. In the shop at the museum you can buy fruit and vegetables from the vegetable garden. From here you continue to Poeldijk and Monster. On your way to Monster you can stock up on yellow courgettes for the soup at courgette nursery Van Vliet. Is this stall not there because it's not zucchini season for them? Then there are five other points in the route to buy courgettes: Courgettefleur, the stall on the Laan van de Heilige Lambertus, Boeregoed Buurtkas and Farmshop, Biefit Gezondheidswinkel and the shop of the Westlands Museum.

Roadside stalls
From Monster you cycle a bit through the dune area and then you set course for's-Gravenzande and Naaldwijk. Along the way you will pass several stalls and shops where you can buy the other ingredients for the zucchini soup.

Don't forget your change
Do you feel like a healthy dessert after the zucchini soup? Buy some strawberries or cherries along the way if they are available. The range of stalls and shops varies per season. Don't forget to bring some change, because in most places you can only pay in cash.

This route is offered by Cycling for m\\\'n Food - Marja van der Ende.

Fancy zucchini soup? View the recipe here.
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The Hoek van Holland is formed by Westland, Hoek van Holland, Maassluis, Vlaardingen, Schiedam, Midden-Delfland and Delft. The area offers a varied experience for cycling and walking tours, from the sea and dunes, glass greenhouses, the Nieuwe Waterweg, polder landscape, old gin distilleries and old-Dutch inner cities. Get out and about here and get to know everything the Hoek van Zuid-Holland has to offer.

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# Description Distance
Westlands Museum (2675 KL, Westland, South Holland, The Netherlands) 0.00 km
Bakkerij Van Malkenhorst Poeldijk (Bakkerij van der Malkenhorst, 2685 EK, Westland, South Holland, The Netherlands) 4.03 km
Courgettefleur (2681 LV, Westland, South Holland, The Netherlands) 5.90 km
8 (Madeweg, 2681PN, Westland, South Holland, The Netherlands) 7.08 km
De Westlandse Kaskers (2681 PK, Westland, South Holland, The Netherlands) 7.44 km
6 (2681ME, Westland, South Holland, The Netherlands) 8.53 km

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