Walking through De Dellen

Maastricht - Limburg - The Netherlands

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360 kcal
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De Dellen is a special nature reserve in the hills just outside Maastricht. Put on your sturdy shoes for a nice trip.

The route starts in Amby. Until 1970 this was a village for centuries, after which it became a suburb of Maastricht. Walking across the green Lindenplein you can still taste that peaceful village atmosphere. From the Molenweg you have a beautiful view of the green hills. You pass a road cross, after which you walk on an unpaved path through a mosaic of meadows and forest. What peace!

The Dellen
Ahead you walk into De Dellen. Until the twentieth century this area was only covered with heather. In the rolling countryside it is now wonderful to walk under the canopy of summer oaks, beeches and maples. Just as you come out of the forest, you see an eighteenth-century farm on the left. Back in beautiful Amby, it's time for something tasty at Hof van Huntjens.

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