Cycling in Aachen, North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany

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129.3 km
07:36 h
2280 kcal
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Cross European borders with ease, amid unique landscapes on the trail of bygone days, taste the special flair of the border country – that's what the Vennbahn stands for. It runs for 125 km from Aachen through the High Fens - Eifel nature park and eastern Belgium to Troisvierges, making it the longest cross-border cycle path on a former railway track in Europe. And with an average increase of 2 percent, with a few short parts of 3 to 10 percent, the route is comfortable to cycle.

Enchanting nature From a landscape point of view, the Vennbahn offers a unique variation: from the urban-green Aachener Land you have a seamless transition to the beautifully shaped hilly landscape of the Eifel and the hedge landscape around Monschau, through the wonderfully original moor landscape of the High Fens to the idyllic valley of the Our. Huge forest areas, interspersed with vast meadows, countless rivers and streams that meander through the small valleys and fill entire reservoirs. A special highlight is without a doubt the High Fens - Eifel nature park. It forms a gigantic water reservoir and is the source of numerous springs and streams. The characteristic peat landscape with grass, shrubs and heather, soft birches and wild daffodils exudes a unique fascination. With the rich stock of natural and cultural-historical peculiarities, coupled with culinary delights on this and the other side of the border and in combination with the excellent infrastructure, all beacons are green for boundless cycling fun.

Completed in 1889, the route to what was then Ulflingen (today Troisvierges) marked the beginning of a glorious but eventful history in the border area between Germany, Belgium and Luxembourg.

The return trip to Aachen:

Guests who have cycled on the Vennbahn from Aachen to Troisvierges and wish to take the train from Troisvierges back to Aachen will have to change twice on the way back:

TROISVIERGES – Liège-Guillemins (approx. 1:28 am)


Liège-Guillemins – Verviers Central (approx. 0:38 am)


Verviers Central – AACHEN (approx. 0:14 am)

Railway station

North Rhine-Westphalia is just over the Dutch border, about two hours from the Randstad. This beautiful region is perfect for short active holidays with something for everyone. From lively and historic cities to a sublime cultural offer and varied natural landscapes. With the 50,000 km of hiking trails and 14,000 km of cycle paths in North Rhine-Westphalia, you can at least get ahead.

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# Description Distance
52062, Aachen, North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany 0.00 km
9 (Vennbahn, Raeren, Wallonië, België) 29.13 km
11 (Vennbahn, Raeren, Wallonië, België) 32.46 km
15 (52159, Roetgen, Noordrijn-Westfalen, Duitsland) 36.81 km
15 (Fringshaus, 52152, Eupen, Wallonië, België) 36.92 km
15 (52159, Roetgen, Noordrijn-Westfalen, Duitsland) 37.01 km

Place name directory

  • Aachen, North Rhine-Westphalia
  • Aken, Noord-Rijnland-Westfalen
  • Raeren, Wallonië
  • Roetgen, Noordrijn-Westfalen
  • Eupen, Wallonië
  • Simmerath, Noordrijn-Westfalen
  • Eupen, Luik
  • Monschau, Noordrijn-Westfalen
  • Monschau, Noord-Rijnland-Westfalen
  • Weywertz, Luik
  • Bütgenbach, Luik
  • Waimes, Luik
  • Amel, Luik
  • Amel, Wallonië
  • Sankt Vith, Luik
  • Sankt Vith, Wallonië
  • Burg-Reuland, Wallonië
  • Burg-Reuland, Luik
  • Troisvierges, Luxemburg
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