Hiking in Breitenbrunn, Bavaria, Germany

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32:18 h
7348 kcal
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Walking in the footsteps of faith: The Wallfahrerweg, or pilgrimage trail, takes you to impressive testimonies of the Christian faith in the Altmühltal Nature Park. Under the care of the bishop's staff, spirituality and a gentle natural landscape are brought together here. Along the way you will find beautiful places of pilgrimage and convincing expressions of faith. You can also enjoy the unique natural landscape of the Altmühl-Jura region. Mighty limestone cliffs, wildly romantic river valleys, sunny plateaus, shady forests and picturesque slopes make the walk on the Wallfahrerweg a relaxing tour of reflection. The churches provide a resting point on the route, while you can gain energy in the cozy restaurants in the historic villages and towns.

In about 130 kilometres, the Wallfahrerweg connects Breitenbrunn on the eastern side of the nature park with Wemding in the west. Sacred high buildings such as the Eichstätter Dom or the Plankstetten monastery, chapels and waypoints surround you.
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Get on your bike or go hiking in Bavaria and discover the impressive landscapes and lively cities for which this region is known. Crystal-clear lakes, lush forests, old castles with a rich history, cozy city centers where you can enjoy delicious meals and drinks, you will find it all here. In short, relaxation is no problem at all in Bavaria.

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# Description Distance
Sebastians-Quelle, 92363, Breitenbrunn, Bavaria, Germany 0.00 km
Wallfahrtsbasilika Maria Brünnlein zum Trost, Wemding, Bavaria, Germany 129.25 km

Place name directory

  • Breitenbrunn, Bavaria
  • Dietfurt an der Altmühl, Bavaria
  • Ottmaring, Bavaria
  • Beilngries, Bavaria
  • Berching, Bavaria
  • Greding, Bavaria
  • Kinding, Bavaria
  • Mettendorf, Bavaria
  • Titting, Bavaria
  • Walting, Bavaria
  • Eichstätt, Bavaria
  • Dollnstein, Bavaria
  • Wellheim, Bavaria
  • Mörnsheim, Bavaria
  • Tagmersheim, Bavaria
  • Rögling, Bavaria
  • Monheim, Bavaria
  • Otting, Bavaria
  • Wemding, Bavaria
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